Find Your Favorites: 50 English Baby Girl Names Starting With F

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Choosing a name for your bundle of joy is like opening a treasure chest of possibilities. If you’re looking for English baby girl names starting with F, you’re in for a treat! Get ready to be spoiled for choice with our delightful list.

Notable People with English Baby Girl Names Starting With F

Many influential women have carried English baby girl names starting with F. For instance, Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing, the famous pop singer Fergie, and the talented actress Felicity Huffman. Their names carry a legacy of strength and success, just like your little girl will!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FayeFay, FaeFairy or loyalty
FionaFionna, FfionaWhite or fair
FeliciaFelice, FeliziaHappy or fortunate
FaithFaithe, FaeithTrust or belief
FernFerne, FernyFeather
FrancineFranny, FranFrom France or free one
FelicityFlick, LissieHappiness
FleurFlora, FloFlower
FreyaFreja, FreyjaThe lady
FridaFreda, FriedaPeace
FrancesFran, FrankieFrom France or free one
FarrahFarah, FarraJoyful
FallonFallyn, FallanLeader
FlaviaFlavie, FlavianGolden or blonde
FuchsiaFuschia, FushaFlower
FinleyFinlee, FinleaFair-haired hero
FatimaFatimah, FathimaCaptivating
FawnFawna, FaunYoung deer
FabiolaFabi, FabiolaBean grower
FlanneryFlanery, FlannereeRed-haired
FionaFfiona, FionnaWhite or fair
FenellaFennella, FenelleWhite shouldered
FabienneFabiane, FabiannaBean grower
FideliaFidela, FidelinaFaithful
FaustinaFaustine, FaustinaFortunate
FelinaFelinna, FelinahCat-like
FritziFritzl, FritzlePeaceful ruler
FrancaFrancia, FrancieFrom France or free one
FayeFay, FaeFairy
FlorenceFlo, FlorrieBlooming or flourishing
FifiFifa, FifeGod will increase
FreddaFreddi, FreddeePeaceful ruler
FriedaFriede, FriedahPeace
FilippaFilippina, FilipaLover of horses
FinaFinia, FineGod will increase
FiammaFiama, FiammahFlame
FlorindaFlorinde, FlorindahFlowering
FleuretteFleuretta, FleurettLittle flower
FrumaFrumah, FrumePious
FalineFalina, FalinahCat-like
FaniaFanina, FaniahFree one
FelipaFilipa, FilippaLover of horses
FilomenaFilomene, FilominaFriend of strength
FaustaFaustine, FaustinaFortunate
FolaFolah, FoladHonor
FronaFronah, FronFrom France or free one
FanchonFanchone, FanchonaFrom France
FranciskaFranciscus, FranciskaFrom France or free one
FloriaFlori, FlorieFlower
FanetteFanet, FaneteFrom France or free one
FloranceFloranse, FloranciaBlooming or flourishing
FrancelineFrancelyn, FrancelyneFrom France or free one

Thank you for sharing this special moment with us! We hope our list of 50 English baby girl names starting with F has provided you with countless inspirations. Remember, the journey of finding the perfect name should be enjoyable. Feel free to explore more of our baby name lists on our site, and you might just find the perfect one that resonates with your heart.

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