Explore the Charm of 50 English Baby Boy Names Starting With F

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There’s nothing quite as thrilling as choosing a name for your baby boy, right ladies? And when it comes to English baby boy names starting with F, there’s a world of charming options waiting to be unearthed!

Notable People with English Baby Boy Names Starting With F

From actors to scientists, plenty of influential figures have graced the world with their English baby boy names starting with F. Think of the legendary Freddie Mercury, the charismatic Frank Sinatra, and the ingenious Francis Crick. Each name carries a unique story, just like your little one will!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FrankFran, Frankie, FranklinFree or truthful
FelixFel, Feliciano, FelizLucky or successful
FredFreddy, Frederick, AlfredPeaceful ruler
FinnFin, Finley, FinneganFair or white
FraserFrazer, FrasierStrawberry
ForbesForba, ForbeaField
FabianFab, Fabiano, FabeBean grower
FalkerFaulkner, FawlknerFalcon trainer
FitchFitchet, FitchettErmine
ForestForrester, ForrestWoodsman or woods
FentonFenten, FentanMarsh town
FinchFincher, FinchieTo swindle
FergieFergus, FergusonMan strength
FlintFlinter, FlintonA stream
FarleyFarlie, FarlyMeadow of the sheep
FesterFestus, FestarJoyous
FordFordham, FordonRiver crossing
FarrellFarryll, FarylBrave
FaxonFaxen, FaxunLong-haired
FaelanFaelen, FaolanLittle wolf
FosterForster, FostarForest workers
FieldFielding, FieldsFrom the field
FaronFarron, FarenHandsome servant
FletcherFletch, FletchaArrow maker
FlavianFlavius, FlavienBlond or yellow hair
FitzFitzhugh, FitzroySon of
FairfaxFair, FairlieBeautiful
FreemanFreman, FreemonFree man
FabriceFabrizio, FabriceaCraftsman
FenrisFenriss, FenrusMythical monster
FidelFidelis, FidelloFaithful
FinbarFinbarr, FinnbarFair-headed
FaustoFaustus, FaustinoLucky
FilbertFilberte, FilbertoVery bright
FulbrightFulbrighte, FulbrightoVery bright
FalconFalken, FalconnFalcon
ForesterForester, ForestarForest guard
FlyntFlynte, FlynttA stream
FaneFan, FannJoyous
FleetwoodFleet, FleeteStream in the woods
FaeganFaegen, FaegonJoyful
FrostFroste, FrostiBorn in a cold spell
FaberFabre, FaburBean grower
FindlayFinlay, FinleyFair-haired warrior
FirthFyrth, FyrtheArm of the sea
FaradayFaradey, FaradieBeautiful day
FeeFeeh, FeiFairy
FennickFennic, FennikHay farm
Thanks for joining us on this exciting naming journey. We hope you’re leaving with a handful of favorites from these 50 English baby boy names starting with F. Remember, naming your baby is a beautiful journey, not a race. Explore more inspiring baby name idea lists on our site and find the perfect name that resonates with your heart.

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