50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with E: An Expedition Into Naming

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Choosing a name for your precious baby girl is a magical journey filled with love and anticipation. If you’re enchanted by the letter ‘E’, then our carefully curated list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with E’ is sure to resonate with your heart and inspire your naming adventure!

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting with E

The letter ‘E’ has been favored by many prominent and inspiring women. Think of Elizabeth Bennet, the spirited heroine of Pride and Prejudice, or Emily Dickinson, a revolutionary voice in poetry. Then there’s Eleanor Roosevelt, a formidable woman who redefined the role of the First Lady in the U.S.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EmilyEmely, EmileeIndustrious, striving
EmmaEma, EmmahUniversal
EllaEila, ElleBeautiful fairy
ElizabethElisabeth, ElizbethGod is my oath
EvelynEvelyne, EvelynnDesired, water, island
ElsieElsee, ElsyGod is my oath
EvangelineEvangelina, EvangeleneBringer of good news
EloiseHeloise, EloisaHealthy, wide
EllieElly, EliBright, shining one
EdenEdin, EdynDelight, place of pleasure
ElizaElisa, ElyzaGod is my joy
EstherEster, EstarStar
ErinEryn, ErinnFrom Ireland
EdithEdythe, EditheWealthy, blessed
ElsaElssa, ElsahGod is my oath
EricaErika, ErickaEternal ruler
ElainaElainah, ElaynaShining light
EleanorEleanore, ElinorBright, shining one
EsmeEsmee, EsmaeEsteemed, beloved
EdnaEdnah, EdinaPleasure
EbonyEboni, EboneeDark black-wood
EveEva, EvieLife
EliseElyse, ElisseGod is my oath
EileenAileen, IleenBright, shining one
ErisErys, ErissDiscord
ElaineElayne, ElainShining light
ElviraElvera, ElvireAll true, alert
ElianaElianna, ElyanaGod has answered
EchoEcko, EkkoReflected sound
EndoraAndora, IndoraFountain
EnidEnyd, EnydSoul, life
EugenieEugenia, EuginieWell-born, noble
EustaciaEustace, EustacieFruitful
EulaliaEulalie, EulaSweet-speaking
EulalieEulalia, EulalySweet-speaking
EudoraEudoora, EuodoraGood gift
EthelEthyl, EathelNoble
EdwinaEdweena, EdvinaRich friend
EddaEda, EdahWith clear goals
EffieEffi, EphyWell-spoken
EuphemiaEufemia, EuphemieGood speech
ErnestineEarnestine, ErnistinaSerious, battle to the death
ElmaElmae, ElmayWill, helmet, protection
EvadneEvadney, EvadniePleasing one
EponineEpona, EponinHorse goddess
ElfredaElfrida, ElfriedaElf strength
EmmanuelleEmmanuella, EmanuelleGod is with us

We truly appreciate you joining us on this enchanting journey through ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with E’. We hope these names have kindled your imagination and filled your heart with their timeless charm. Don’t stop here, though—continue to be inspired by our other baby name lists, and find the perfect name that your little princess will cherish forever.

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