50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with E: Discover Charming Traditions

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Choosing a baby’s name is no small task—it’s the first gift we’re giving them, marking the start of their fascinating journey. If you’re drawn to English names, and especially those beginning with the enchanting letter ‘E’, then this list of ’50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with E’ is the perfect place to start your exploration.

Notable People With English Baby Names Starting with E

English names beginning with ‘E’ have graced some of the most influential figures in our society. On the literary front, Ernest Hemingway, the extraordinary writer, carries a name with a ring of distinction.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EthanEthen, EthunStrong, firm, enduring
EvanEvon, EvinThe Lord is gracious
ElliotEliot, EliottJehovah is God
EdwardEdvard, EadwardRich guard
ElijahElyjah, ElijaMy God is Yahweh
EdwinEdvin, EdwynRich friend
EdenEdden, EdanPlace of pleasure
EricErik, ErykEternal ruler
EdgarEdger, EdgurRich, powerful
EmmanuelImmanuel, EmanualGod is with us
ElmerElmar, ElmirNoble, famous
ErnestErnesto, EarnestSerious, resolute
EarlEarle, ErleNobleman, warrior
EliasElyas, EliusThe Lord is my God
EnochEnockDedicated, devoted
EmersonEmersyn, EmmersonSon of Emery
EamonEamonn, AymanWealthy protector
EnzoEnzio, EnzorHome ruler
EzraEzrah, EzrHelp
EastonEasten, EastynEast town
EphraimEphrayim, EfraimFruitful, fertile
EltonElten, EltinElla’s town
EganEgon, EaganLittle fiery one
EwartEwarte, EeartWealthy guardian
ElleryEllary, EleriIsland with elder trees
EverardEverhard, EberhardBrave as a wild boar
EustaceEustachius, EustaquioFruitful
EamonAemon, AimoneWealthy protector
EldridgeElldridge, EldrigeOld/wise ruler
EvertonEverdon, EverdenBoar town
ElwoodElwode, EliwoodElder tree forest
ErnestoErnesty, EarnestoSincere
ElyEli, ElieMy God
EldenEldan, EldinElla’s hill
EloyEloi, ElloyChosen one
ElroyElroi, ElroieThe king
ErasmusErasmios, ErasmoBeloved, desired
EnderEndar, EndirVery rare
EsauEsaw, EssauHairy
EliezerEleazar, ElazerMy God has helped
EsmondEsmund, EsmondeGrace of God
ElonIlon, ElenOak tree
EadricEdric, EdrickWealthy ruler
EmericEmric, EmmerichPower
EgbertEcbert, EcgbrytBright edge
EirikErik, EricEternal ruler
EgilEgill, EegilRespect, fear
EadwigEdwig, EdwigeWealthy battle

Thank you for journeying with us through this delightful list of ’50 English Baby Names Starting with E’. We hope that these names have sparked your imagination and that you’ve felt the warmth and richness of their English heritage. Soak up more inspiration by exploring other baby name lists on our site—we’ve got a world of names waiting for you!

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