50 English Baby Girl Names Starting With C: Create a Legacy With Love

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Choosing a name for your little princess is both a joy and a responsibility. If you’re looking for something special, our extensive list of ’50 English Baby Girl Names Starting With C’ is here, ready to inspire you!

Notable People With English Baby Girl Names Starting With C

In the world of Hollywood, we have Charlize Theron, an accomplished actress and philanthropist. In the realm of music, there’s the global icon, Christina Aguilera. Let’s not forget the celebrated fashion designer, Coco Chanel. Each of these remarkable women carries names starting with ‘C’, adding an extra sparkle to their achievements.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ChloeKhloe, Kloe, CloeGreen shoot
ClaireClare, Clara, KlaraBright, clear
CharlotteCharlie, Char, LottieFree woman
CamilaKamila, Camilla, CameliaPerfect, servant for the temple
CatherineKatherine, Kathy, KatePure
ChristinaChristine, Kristina, TinaFollower of Christ
CiaraKiara, Sierra, CieraDark-haired
CarlyCarley, Karly, KarliFree man
ColetteCollette, Nicolette, ColliePeople of victory
CandaceKandace, Candy, CandyceGlowing, white
CeliaCecilia, Celie, CeliHeavenly
CindyCynthia, Cindi, CyndiFrom Mount Kynthos
CarlyCarla, Carlie, KarlyLittle champion
CarmenCarmine, Carmin, CarmynSong, garden
ChelseaChelsey, Chelsie, ChelsiChalk landing place
CelesteCéleste, Cel, CelestiaHeavenly
CassidyKassidy, Cass, CassieCurly-haired
CarrieKerry, Kerri, CarryFree man
CrystalKrystal, Christal, CristalClear, bright
CharleneSharlene, Charleen, SharleenFree man
CourtneyKourtney, Cortney, CourtenayFrom the court
CaseyKasey, Kacey, CasCourageous in battle
CallieCali, Kallie, KaliBeautiful
ColleenColene, Kolleen, ColleneGirl, maiden
CherieSherry, Cheri, SherrieDear, darling
ConnieConni, Conny, KonnieFirm, constant
CoraKorra, Kora, CorraMaiden
CherylSheryl, Cheryle, SherrylBeloved
CaitlinKaitlin, Kaity, CatiePure
CarolCarole, Carroll, KarolFree person
CassandraCasandra, Cass, SandyShe who entangles men
ClaudetteClaudine, Claude, ClaudieLame, crippled
CecilySicily, Sissie, CecelyBlind
CarlaKarla, Carly, CarlahFree woman
CharmaineCharmayne, Sharmaine, CharmainSinger
ClarissaClaris, Clarice, KlaryssaBright, clear
CorrineCorrin, Corrina, CorrineMaiden
CleoClio, Clea, KlioGlory
CarolineCarolyn, Carol, LinaFree woman
ChelseaChel, Chelsa, ChelseChalk wharf
CelineSelene, Celina, SelinaHeavenly
CallistaCalista, Kallista, KalistaMost beautiful
CynthiaCindy, Cinthia, SynthiaOf Cynthus (Mount Cynthus)
ConstanceConnie, Constansie, KonstanzConstancy, steadfastness
CorneliaCornie, Cornelle, CornyHorn
ChantalChantel, Chantelle, ShantalStone, singer
CelestinaCelestine, Celestyna, CelesteneHeavenly

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