English Baby Boy Names Starting With C: Cherish the Moment of Naming

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one can be an exciting, yet overwhelming task. If you’re seeking inspiration, our comprehensive list of ‘English Baby Boy Names Starting With C’ is ready to guide you.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Take note from influential figures like Christopher Nolan, the world-renowned filmmaker, or Colin Powell, a respected US statesman. Even in the music world, we find figures such as Calvin Harris, the hugely popular DJ and record producer. These luminaries have not just made their names memorable, but also synonymous with success and inspiration.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
CalebKaleb, Cal, CaleFaithful, bold
CallumCalum, Colum, KalumDove
CameronCamron, Cam, KamCrooked nose
CarlKarl, Carlo, KarolFree man
CarterKarter, Cart, HartCart driver
CadenKaden, Cayden, CaidenSon of Cadan
ChandlerChandlee, Chander, ChandyCandle maker
CharlesCharlie, Chuck, CarlosStrong, free man
ChaseChayce, Chay, ChasenHunter
ChesterChess, Chet, ChestonFort, camp
ChristianChris, Kristian, CristianoFollower of Christ
CliveClyve, ClivCliff, slope
CodyKody, Codee, CodeyHelpful, pillow
ColeColeson, Kohl, KohleCoal, dark as coal
ColinCollin, Collen, CollYoung pup, cub
ConnorConner, Konnor, KonnerLover of hounds
CooperKooper, Coop, CoopeyBarrel maker
CorbinKorbin, Corbyn, CorbyBlack bird, raven
CoreyCory, Kory, KoreyHollow
CraigCraeg, Criag, KregRock, dweller near a crag
CyrusCy, Syrus, SirusThrone, sun
ChrisKris, Crist, KrysAnointed one, follower of Christ
CaseyKasie, Kasey, CasyBrave, vigilant
ClaytonClay, Klayton, ClaytenTown on clay soil
CedricSedric, Cederic, CedrikBounty
ClancyClancey, Clancie, KlancySon of red warrior
ClintonClint, Klint, ClintenTown on a hill
CurtisKurtis, Curtiss, KertisCourteous, polite
CalvinKalvin, Cal, KalvynBald
CecilCessil, Sesil, CecillBlind
ClarkClarke, Clerk, KlerkScholar, cleric
CliffCliffen, Cliffe, KlyfSteep bank, cliff
ColtonColten, Colt, KoltonCoal town
ConradKonrad, Con, ConniBold counsel
CrispinCrispen, Cris, KrispinCurled, curly-haired
CuthbertKutbert, Cuth, CuthbertoNotably brilliant
CyrilCyryl, Seryl, SyrylLordly
ClementKlement, Clem, ClemensGentle, merciful
CarltonCarleton, Carl, CarltunPeasants’ town
CleonCleone, Kleon, CleeonFamous
CletusCleetus, Kletus, CleteInvoked
CaiusKayus, Kius, CaioRejoice
CurtisKertis, Kirtus, CortezCourteous, refined
CrispusKrispus, Crispo, CrispasCurly-haired
CorwinCorwyn, Korwin, CorwynnHeart’s friend
CyprianCiprian, Cyprien, CyprianoFrom Cyprus
CalixCalyx, Calex, CalyxsVery handsome
CorinKorin, Corrin, KorinnSpear
ConradinKonradin, Con, ConnBrave counsel

Thanks for journeying through our curated list of ‘English Baby Boy Names Starting With C’. We hope this guide has sparked inspiration and aided you in this pivotal decision. Continue exploring and get inspired by checking out more of our baby name idea lists on our site. After all, a name is the first gift you can give your baby, make it count!

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