50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with B: A Bountiful Selection

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Hello, future mom! If you’re looking for a beautiful ‘B’ name for your beautiful baby girl, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discover 50 English baby girl names starting with B that are sure to enchant and inspire.

Notable People With Baby Names Starting With B

Many remarkable women have made waves with ‘B’ names. Think of the trailblazing Betty White, talented singer Beyoncé, or the influential scientist Barbara McClintock. Could your little girl’s name, starting with B, be next to make her mark?

BarbaraBarb, Barbie“Stranger, foreigner”
BeatriceBea, Trixie, Beatie“She who brings happiness”
BellaBell, Belle“Beautiful”
BethanyBeth, Betsy“House of figs”
BiancaBee, Bia“White, pure”
BrookeBrook, Brookie“Small stream”
BridgetBiddy, Bridie, Brid“Exalted one”
BriannaBree, Bri“Noble, strong, virtuous”
BlairBlaire, Blayre“Field, plain”
BonnieBon, BonBon“Pretty, good”
BrendaBren, Brennie“Little raven”
BrinleyBrin, Brinnie“Burnt meadow”
BritneyBrit, Brittie“From Britain”
BrynnBrynna, Brynnie“Hill”
BessBessie, Bessy“God is my oath”
BeulahBee, Beulie“Married”
BaileyBay, Baylee“Law enforcer, bailiff”
BethBethie, Betty“God is my oath”
BeverlyBev, Beverley“Beaver stream, meadow”
BillieBill, Billie-jo“Resolute protector”
BlossomBlozzie, Bloss“Flower, bloom”
BlancheBlanchie, Blan“White, fair”
BrianneBree, Bri“Noble, virtuous”
BristolBristie, Brie“The site of the bridge”
BrandyBrand, Bran“Burned wine”
BrettaBrett, Bret“From Britain”
BriarBri, Bria“Thorny bush of wild roses, brambles”
BryonyBry, Brynie“To sprout”
BlairBlaire, Blayre“Field, plain”
BrigitBrige, Brigie“Exalted one”
BelindaBel, Linda“Beautiful”
BronteBron, Bronnie“Thunder”
BrendaBren, Brendie“Little raven”
BerylBerry, Berrie“Sea-green jewel”
BuffyBuff, Buffie“God is my oath”
BerniceBernie, Bern“She who brings victory”
BerthaBert, Bertie“Bright, shiny”
BessieBess, Essie“God is my oath”
BridieBrid, Bride“Exalted one”
BronwenBron, Bronnie“White breast”
BlytheBly, Blythie“Free spirit, cheerful”
BettinaBett, Tina“God is my oath”
BarbaraBarb, Barbie“Foreign woman”
BambiBam, Bambie“Child”
BethelBeth, Elle“House of God”
BlumaBlu, Blumie“Flower”
BrennaBren, Nenna“Little raven or prince”

Thank you for embarking on this adventure through 50 English baby girl names starting with B. We hope it has been inspiring and helpful. The perfect name for your little one might be just around the corner, so don’t stop exploring! Dive into more of our curated baby name lists – who knows, your baby’s name might be waiting there! Happy naming!

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