50 English Baby Boy Names Starting with B to Inspire Your Name Hunt

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Hello Mama-to-be! If you’re here, you’re probably on a quest to find the perfect ‘B’ name for your little man. Let’s delve into 50 English baby boy names starting with B, guaranteed to make your little one stand out.

Notable People With Boy Names Starting With B

Countless influencers have made their mark with ‘B’ names. Think of global music sensation Bruno Mars or the legendary basketball player, Bill Russell. Even in the tech world, ‘B’ names shine with the likes of Bill Gates. These names carry a legacy, could your baby’s name be next?

BenjaminBen, Benji, Bennie“Son of the right hand”
BradleyBrad, Brady“Broad meadow”
BrandonBrand, Brando“Broom hill”
BrianBryon, Brion“Noble, strong, virtuous”
ByronByran, Byren“Barn for cows”
BlakeBlayke, Blaque“Pale, fair one”
BennettBennie, Benet“Blessed”
BrockBrok, Broc“Badger”
BruceBrus, Brucie“From the brushwood thicket”
BaileyBaley, Baylee“Law enforcer, bailiff”
BeckettBeck, Bex“Beehive or bee cottage”
BentleyBentlie, Bentlee“Bent grass meadow”
BarrettBarret, Barrie“Dispute, argument”
BryceBrice, Bryse“Speckled”
BertrandBert, Berty“Bright raven”
BlaineBlayne, Blainey“Thin”
BrennanBren, Brennen“Tear or drop”
BransonBran, Brannon“Son of Brando”
BowenBowyn, Bowin“Son of Owen”
BurtonBurt, Burty“Fortified enclosure”
BriggsBrigs, Briggsy“Bridges”
BrantleyBrant, Brantlee“Fire brand or beacon”
BrentonBrent, Brentie“Town near the burnt land”
BostonBosto, Bostyn“Botolph’s stone”
BaxterBax, Baxie“Baker”
BeckhamBeck, Backham“Homestead by the stream”
BradfordBrad, Ford“Broad ford”
BurgessBurge, Burgy“Citizen of a town”
BinghamBing, Bingy“Home of the family or tribe”
BraidyBraidey, Braid“Large chested”
BrittonBrit, Brittie“From Britain”
BraydonBray, Braddon“Broad hillside”
BraxtonBrax, Braxtie“Brock’s town”
BreckinBreck, Breckie“Freckled”
BronsonBron, Bronnie“Son of the brown man”
BookerBook, Bookie“Beech tree”
BensonBen, Bennie“Son of Ben”
BishopBish, Bishie“Guardian”
BlakelyBlake, Blakie“Dark wood or clearing”
BoyceBoycie, Boyse“Forest”
BarclayBark, Barkie“Birch tree meadow”
BartleyBart, Bartlie“Birch tree meadow”
BayardBay, Bayardie“Auburn-haired”
BenedictBen, Benny“Blessed”
BrindleyBrin, Brindle“Burnt meadow”
BroderickBrody, Rick“Broad ridge”
BrightonBrigh, Brightie“Bright town”
BaldwinBald, Baldie“Bold friend”
BevanBev, Bevvie“Son of Evan”
BarnabyBarn, Barnie“Son of consolation”

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of 50 English baby boy names starting with B. Each name holds a unique charm, doesn’t it? We hope our list has sparked some inspiration for you. Remember, there’s a whole alphabet out there to explore, so don’t stop here. Dive into more of our baby name lists to find the one that resonates most with you and your little one. Happy naming!

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