50 English Baby Girl Names Starting with A: Classic and Modern Choices Galore

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Hey, supermom-to-be! Looking for the perfect name for your baby girl? Our list of 50 English names starting with A is sure to inspire you. From classics to modern wonders, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Notable People With Names Starting With A

Many noteworthy women in history and pop culture have names beginning with A. The versatile actress, Angelina Jolie, and trailblazing author, Alice Walker, are just some of many inspiring figures who bear these delightful names. Perhaps, these famous namesakes could offer a glimpse into your baby girl’s bright future!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AbigailAbby, AbbieFather’s joy
2. AdaAdah, AddaNoble, kind
3. AliceAlyce, AlicijaNoble, kind
4. AmeliaAmy, EmiliaIndustrious, striving
5. AnnaAna, AnnGrace, favor
6. AudreyAudree, AudrieNoble strength
7. AlexandraAlex, AlexaDefender of humanity
8. AnastasiaAna, StaceyResurrection
9. AngelaAngie, AngelMessenger of God
10. AprilApryl, AprilleTo open
11. ArielAriella, AriLion of God
12. AvaAvah, AyvaLife, bird
13. AddisonAddyson, AddisynSon of Adam
14. ArianaArianna, AryanaMost holy
15. AriaArya, AriyaMelody
16. AthenaAthina, AtheneWisdom
17. AutumnAutum, AutumneSeason of fall
18. AlexisAlexia, AlexaDefender
19. AshlynAshlynn, AshlinDream
20. AinsleyAynsley, AynsleeOne’s own meadow
21. AdaAdah, AddaNoble, kind
22. AdelineAdelyn, AdalynNoble
23. AdelaideAddie, DellaNoble natured
24. AndreaAndreya, AndriaBrave
25. AlainaAlayna, AlaynaPrecious
26. AspenAspin, AspynTree name
27. AllisonAlison, AlysonNoble
28. AylaAila, AyalaOak tree
29. AdalynAdelyn, AdalynnNoble
30. AdelaideAdelaid, AdeladeNoble, kind
31. AaliyahAliyah, AleahExalted, sublime
32. AlyssaAlissa, AlisaNoble, graceful
33. AnnabelleAnnabel, AnabelGraceful, beautiful
34. ArabellaArabelle, ArabelaYielding to prayer
35. AverieAvery, AvarieRuler of the elves
36. AuroraAura, RoryDawn
37. ArielArielle, ArielaLion of God
38. AnastasiaStasya, AnaResurrection
39. AlondraAlandra, AlondrahLark
40. AryaAria, AaryaNoble
41. AmberAmbre, AmbraFossilized tree resin
42. AliciaAlecia, EliciaNoble
43. AdeleAdelle, AdelaNoble, kind
44. AubreyAubree, AubrieElf ruler
45. AngelinaAngeleena, AngelenaMessenger of God
46. AgnesAgnese, AgnieszkaPure, holy
47. AmandaAmandah, AmendaWorthy of love
48. AlinaAleena, AlenaBright, beautiful
49. AlisaAlysa, AlissaGreat happiness
50. AdrianaAdrianna, AdrienaDark, rich │

Thanks for delving into our 50 English baby girl names starting with A! We hope you found inspiration and perhaps, the perfect name for your little one. Feel like exploring more? Check out our other lists of name ideas. Your baby’s name, as unique as she will be, might be just around the corner!

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