50 English Baby Boy Names Starting With A: Find a Name as Unique as Your Little One

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Hey there, future momma! If you’re on the exciting journey of picking out a name for your baby boy, start with our list of 50 English names beginning with A. It’s a delightful mix of traditional and modern, filled with inspiration for your little one.

Notable People With Names Starting With A

From the arts to sports, many influential figures have names beginning with A. Hollywood heartthrob, Ashton Kutcher, and renowned author, Arthur Conan Doyle, are but a few of the many famous men who carry these charming names. Their accomplishments might even hint at the grand future awaiting your little one!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. AaronAron, ArenHigh mountain, exalted
2. AlbertAl, Bert, AlbertoNoble and bright
3. AlexanderAlex, Alec, AlexisDefending men
4. AlfredAl, Fred, AlfieWise counselor
5. AndrewAndy, DrewManly, brave
6. AnthonyTony, AntonPriceless one
7. ArnoldArnie, ArnRuler, strong as an eagle
8. ArthurArt, ArtieBear, rock
9. AustinAusten, OstynGreat, magnificent
10. AdamAdan, AdemMan, to make
11. AidanAiden, AdanLittle and fiery
12. AlanAllan, AllenHandsome, peaceful
13. AsherAsh, AsheHappy, blessed
14. AshtonAshten, AshtinAsh tree town
15. AveryAverie, AvryRuler of the elves
16. AxelAksel, AxilFather of peace
17. AbelAvel, AbellBreath, son
18. AbrahamAbram, AvrahamFather of many
19. ArcherArchie, ArchBowman
20. AngusGus, AnngusOne strength
21. AldenAl, AldinOld friend
22. ArloArlow, ArloweHill
23. AriesAres, AriesThe Ram
24. ApolloApolo, ApollowDestroyer (God of Sun)
25. AmosAmoss, AamosCarried (by God)
26. AmbroseAmbrus, AmbrosiImmortal
27. AndreAndres, AndreyBrave, manly
28. AugustGus, AugieGreat, magnificent
29. AnsonAnsen, AnssonSon of Anne
30. AntonyAnton, AntonioPriceless one
31. AltonAl, AltinOld town
32. ArmandArmond, ArmandoSoldier
33. AmariAmarri, AmareStrength
34. AngeloAngel, AngelloAngel
35. AbramAb, BramHigh father
36. ArielAri, ArikLion of God
37. AlfieAlfy, AlfeyElf counsel
38. AlistairAlastair, AlisterDefender of the people
39. AdlerAdelar, AlderEagle
40. AndersonAnders, AndieSon of Anders
41. AnakinAnakyn, AnakenWarrior
42. ArianArion, ArienSilver
43. ArnoArn, ArnaudEagle, power
44. AtlasAtl, AtlesEnduring
45. AxelAksel, AxilFather of peace
46. AmadeusAmadeo, AmadeiLove of God
47. AbdulAbdal, AbdilServant of
48. AdonisAdohnis, AdonnisLord
49. AbbottAbbot, AbottFather
50. AlaricAl, RickRuler of all

hanks for exploring our 50 English baby boy names starting with A! We’re thrilled to be a part of your baby-naming journey. Feel inspired? We invite you to dive deeper into our other lists of baby name ideas. You never know, the perfect name might be just a click away!

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