50 English Baby Boy Names Starting With D: Discover Unique Choices

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Hey mama-to-be, let’s dive into the delightful world of ‘D’ names together! Explore this roundup of charming, trendy, and time-honored English baby boy names that all start with the daring letter ‘D’.

Notable People With English Baby Boy Names Starting With D

D-names have been adorned by many well-known figures. Think of Daniel Radcliffe, the endearing wizard who brought Harry Potter to life. Then there’s David Beckham, the world-renowned soccer player, and Drake, the globally celebrated Canadian rapper. All these gentlemen have made their ‘D’ names unforgettable.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DanielDan, Danny“God is my judge”
DavidDave, Davie“Beloved”
DylanDillon, Dillan“Son of the sea”
DarrenDarrin, Darryn“Great”
DariusDario, Dareus“Maintains possessions well”
DevinDevon, Devyn“Poet”
DominicDom, Nick“Lord”
DouglasDoug“Dark water”
DamienDamian, Damon“To tame, subdue”
DixonDickson, Dixen“Son of Richard”
DaleDayle, Dal“Valley”
DerrickDerek, Derik“People’s ruler”
Drew“Strong and manly”
DesmondDez, Des“One from South Munster”
DonovanDon, Donnie“Dark”
DennisDenis, Denys“Follower of Dionysius”
DustinDusty“Brave warrior”
DaltonDalt, Daulton“Town in the valley”
DwayneDuane, Dewayne“Dark, black”
DallasDal, Dallis“From the dales, the valley meadows”
DexterDex“Dexterous, right-handed”
DorianDorien, Darien“Child of the sea”
DeaconDeke, Dekon“Dusty one; servant; messenger”
DentonDent, Dentin“Settlement in the valley”
DarnellDarnel“Hidden place”
DelbertDel, Bert“Bright, famous”
DravenDravon, Dravin“Descendant of the raven”
DoyleDoyel“Dark stranger”
DempseyDemsey, Dempsie“Proud”
DuvalDuvalle“Of the valley”
DamonDaemon, Daymon“To tame”
DashiellDash, Dashiell“Page boy”
DenzelDenzil, Denzell“Fort”
DarraghDara, Daragh“Oak tree”
DandreDeandre, D’andre“Strong and manly”
DarrelDarryl, Darrell“Beloved”
DerwinDerwyn, Durwin“Dear friend”
DarellDaryl, Darel“Open”
DimitriDmitri, Demitri“Earth-lover”
DaytonDayten, Daiton“Sunny town”
DartonDartan, Darten“Town of deer”
DolanDolon, Dollan“Dark, black”
DarwinDarvin, Darwyn“Dear friend”
DodsonDodsen, Dodsson“Son of Dod”
DewardDewerd“Guardian of prosperity”

Whew! That was a whirlwind of wonderful ‘D’ names, wasn’t it? Thank you for joining us on this maiden voyage of monikers. We hope you found some names that spark joy and inspiration. Can’t get enough? We have tons more baby name idea lists waiting for you on our site. Dive back in, and let’s continue this exciting naming journey together!

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