50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Z: Discover Meaningful Traditions

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Choosing your baby’s name is like embarking on an exciting treasure hunt. Our list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Z offers you a chest full of beautiful, unique, and meaningful names to explore and fall in love with!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

Chinese names have long been associated with grace, power, and beauty, and numerous notable figures bear this testament. Ziyi Zhang, for instance, is an internationally acclaimed actress known for her roles in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. Zhao Wei, another prominent celebrity, balances her successful acting career with her role as a film director. Their outstanding accomplishments add a dash of pride and prestige to Chinese Baby Girl Names starting with Z.

ZixinHappiness Heart
ZhenzhenPrecious Pearl
ZuweiRespecting Greatness
ZilinCymbal Tree
ZitingJoyful Elegance
ZihuaBlossoming Flower
ZiyangPurple Sun
ZhaoliMorning Beauty
ZuoyiLeft Wing
ZhilanBamboo Orchid
ZenanEarly Morning Peace
ZhaoyunMorning Cloud
ZihuiWisdom & Kindness
ZhaoyiMorning Harmony
ZeminKind to People
ZiweiPurple Rose
ZinanSouth Peace
ZifengPurple Phoenix
ZhenliTruthful & Beautiful
ZhiqingWisdom & Celebration
ZimuSelf Inspire
ZihuanSplendid & Graceful
ZihaoSon Hero
ZishanKind Gentleman
ZileJoyful Song
ZixinHappy Heart
ZiliSelf Strength
ZihuiKind Wisdom
ZhenniPrecious Girl
ZiyunPurple Cloud
ZilongSon of Dragon
ZhaodiMorning Emperor
ZhenzhuPrecious Pearl

We hope our list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting With Z has been a delightful and enlightening adventure. Choosing a baby name is a joyous journey, full of discovery and wonder. Don’t forget to explore more of our unique and curated baby name lists on our site – the perfect name for your little one could be just a click away. Thank you for embarking on this exciting journey with us!

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