50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Z: Rich Traditions for Your Little Boy

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Hi there, mama-to-be! Naming your baby can be a titillating adventure, especially when you’re exploring names from different cultures. Today, we’ve got a treat for you – a list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with Z. These unique and meaningful names are sure to set your little one apart.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

From the world of sports, we have Zhou Qi, a famous basketball player with a name starting with Z. In the realm of technology, we can’t miss Zhu Min, an influential economist and former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund. Their successes suggest that a name can indeed set the tone for a remarkable life.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ZhenZhenli, ZhenjunPrecious; Valuable
2. ZhiZhiming, ZhigangWisdom; Knowledge
3. ZongZongwei, ZonghuaRespect; Reverence
4. ZhihaoZhaohua, ZhaoshunGreat Brilliance
5. ZiqiangZiqing, ZiqianSelf-strength
6. ZeminZejun, ZeliangKindness to the People
7. ZexiZexiang, ZexinHappy West
8. ZhaoyiZhaoyun, ZhaorenBrilliant and Righteous
9. ZhixinZhixing, ZhixiangWise and Cautious
10. ZanZanyang, ZanjunPraise
11. ZhijunZhijie, ZhixinWise and Handsome
12. ZifuZifan, ZifengSelf-denial
13. ZiyouZiyan, ZiyaoFreedom
14. ZeyangZeyuan, ZeyaoSunlight; Bright
15. ZhushengZhuren, ZhusongMaster Sage
16. ZhuoZhuofan, ZhuoshunOutstanding; Bright
17. ZongrenZongming, ZongleiRespected Person
18. ZitaoZitang, ZitianRosy Clouds
19. ZhendongZhenji, ZhenyaoThe One Who Shakes the East
20. ZiruiZiruo, ZirongIntelligent and Sharp
21. ZhiguoZhijia, ZhixuanWise and Responsible
22. ZonganZongzhen, ZongjieSafety and Health
23. ZanlinZanle, ZanliPraise Forest
24. ZiangZiyou, ZiyiFragrant
25. ZhuangZhuanglong, ZhuangxuanStrong; Robust
26. ZihaoZihang, ZihaiSon of the Sea
27. ZichenZicheng, ZichaoThis Morning
28. ZikaiZikun, ZixuanSon of Victory
29. ZhuanZhuanli, ZhuanjingWorthy; Esteemed
30. ZhilinZhiliang, ZhijunWise Forest
31. ZixuZixuan, ZixiangRevered and Revered
32. ZhenyuZhenyao, ZhenyangPrecious Jade
33. ZhenweiZhenwen, ZhenwoTreasured Greatness
34. ZhiyuanZhiyue, ZhiyaoWish and Far
35. ZijunZijing, ZijieEsteemed and Handsome
36. ZhaorenZhaorui, ZhaoshunBrilliant Benevolence
37. ZhongZhongyang, ZhongminLoyal
38. ZhengZhengjun, ZhengliStraightforward
39. ZheZherui, ZhejiPhilosophy or Wisdom
40. ZimoZimao, ZimengSelf-Respect
41. ZuorenZuoyi, ZuoshunLeft and Benevolent
42. ZuoxiZuoxin, ZuoxiangLeft and West
43. ZhaoguoZhaoli, ZhaorongIlluminate the World
44. ZianZiyou, ZiyiSelf-Peace
45. ZiqingZiqi, ZiqiaoCelebrating Youth
46. ZonghuaZongji, ZongkaiRespected and Splendid
47. ZongyaoZongye, ZongyiRespected and Far
48. ZongjiZongjun, ZongjingRespected and Lucky
49. ZilongZili, ZiluSon of Dragon
50. ZhipingZhipeng, ZhipoPeaceful and Level

And there we have it – a treasure trove of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with Z. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey of name discovery. We hope it sparked your imagination and got you excited about the moment when you get to name your little one. Want more inspiration? Explore our other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming, mom-to-be!

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