50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Y to Celebrate Your Joyous Arrival

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Choosing that perfect name for your baby girl is definitely a journey filled with love and excitement. If you’re looking for a name with a unique charm and rich heritage, our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with Y will surely inspire you!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

Few people have embodied the grace and resilience of Chinese heritage quite like Yao Chen. With a name starting with ‘Y,’ this popular actress and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador is a wonderful example of the strength and creativity these names can represent.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YaYaa, YaraElegant, Refined
YajingYaching, YajungElegant Scenery
YanYanna, YannySwallow (bird)
YananYanin, YanonPeaceful, Serene
YandanYandun, YandinRed Dawn
YanniYanee, YanniGrace, Peace
YanyuYanu, YanueMisty Rain
YanzhiYanzi, YanzeeRouge (cosmetic)
YaoYau, YaouDazzling, Brilliant
YaoguangYaoguan, YaogwangGlimmering Light
YaqiYaki, YaoqiBeautiful, Elegant
YaqinYakin, YakunAssurance, Confidence
YaruYeru, YearuGraceful, Elegant
YatingYateng, YatangElegant Pavilion
YawenYawin, YawunGracious, Gentle
YaxiYaxa, YaxiePrecious Gem
YayaYaye, YayuElegant, Graceful
YeYee, YeyLeaves, Nature
YehuaYehu, YehuahFlower Bud
YiYee, YieHappy, Joyous
YijunYijon, YijenFair, Beautiful
YilingYilong, YilongCheerful Tinkle
YinYinn, YynSound, Voice
YingYyng, YinggClever, Quick-witted
YiniYinee, YinniMusic, Melody
YipingYipinga, YypingPeaceful, Tranquil
YiqingYiqin, YiqinnClear, Bright
YiranYiranee, YirranBeautiful, Graceful
YishiYishee, YishieAppropriate, Suitable
YixuanYixwan, YixuanaBeautiful, Elegant
YiyangYayang, YiyyangSunlight, Radiance
YizhenYizen, YizhenReal, Genuine
YizhiYizhee, YizhiaIntelligent, Wise
YizhouYizhoua, YizhoueBeautiful Island
YongYonng, YonBrave, Courageous
YoutingYoteng, YotungBeautiful View
YuchiYuchi, YucheeJade, Precious Stone
YuexiYuexie, YuexiaJoyful, Happy
YuhuanYuhuan, YuhuaneBeautiful Jade
YujiaYuja, YujjaBeautiful, Graceful
YujieYuejie, YujjiePure, Clean
YuhuiYuhue, YuhueeShining, Glowing
YukunYukunn, YukunaUniverse, Cosmic
YumeiYumae, YumayBeautiful Plum
YunYunn, YuunCloud, Dreamy
YunxiYunxie, YunxiaGraceful, Elegant
YuyanYuyann, YuyanaLanguage, Expression
YuzhenYuzhe, YuzhennGenuine, Authentic
YuzhuYuzhuu, YuzhooPrecious Pearl

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with Y! Each name carries its own unique charm, blending tradition and modernity seamlessly. Feel the thrill of baby naming by exploring more of our insightful lists on our site. Let these names inspire you as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world.

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