50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Y: Rich Traditions for a Bright Future

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re on a quest to find a distinctive yet culturally rich name for your little one, you’re in the right place. Our list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with Y offers a treasure trove of beautiful names replete with meaning and legacy.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

Names beginning with ‘Y’ in Chinese culture are imbued with grace and valor. Famous figures like Yao Ming, the basketball legend, and Yang Zhenning, the Nobel laureate in physics, carry these names, inspiring younger generations with their achievements.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
YafeiYafey, YafeighElegant and flying high
YiboYibou, YibohHandsome and precious
YongYoung, YhongBrave, forever
YuanYu-an, YuhanOriginal, first
YifeiYifey, YifeighTrust, reliability
YimingYimeng, YimangBright, shining
YuYue, YuhUniverse, space
YujianYujyan, YujienMeeting a worthy person
YuchenYuchin, YuhchenUniverse, morning
YixuanYixwen, YixwanHappy, joyous
YifanYifun, YiphunOrdinary, common
YiweiYywey, YyweighUpholding greatness
YitaoYitaou, YitauAs vast as the ocean
YushiYushie, YushyJade-like stone
YuzeYuzey, YuzheUniverse and kindness
YibinYibinn, YibynHandsome, elegant
YiqingYiqung, YiqongHappy, clear
YuxuanYuxwen, YuxwanUniverse, prophecy
YueYuh, YhueMoon, happy
YiranYirann, YiranHandsome, natural
YizhouYizhoue, YizhuoGift from the universe
YijunYijuhn, YijoonHandsome, king
YinanYynan, YinannArtistic, peace
YixinYyxin, YixinnTrust, heart
YihaoYyhow, YihauHandsome, number one
YilingYyling, YilinngHappy, beautiful jade
YufengYufong, YufongUniverse, wind
YuehuaYuehwa, YuewhaMoon, splendid
YuzhenYuzhenn, YuzhinUniverse, precious
YiqiYiqie, YiqyHappy, rise
YuzheYuzhey, YuzheeUniverse, wise
YihuanYyhuan, YihwuanHappy, joyous
YijieYijey, YijieeHandsome, outstanding
YishenYishenn, YishinTrust, deep
YahuiYahuie, YahuyElegant, bright
YihangYyhang, YihanggHappy, navigate
YunxiYunxy, YunxieCloud, hope
YuehanYuehann, YuehahnMoon, gentleman
YilinYillin, YilinnTrust, forest
YutingYutingg, YutinngHappy, pavilion
YihuiYyhui, YihuieHappy, wisdom
YufeiYufey, YufeighUniverse, flying high
YiyangYiyangg, YiyahngHappy, sun
YuhongYuhongg, YuhonngUniverse, rainbow
YijiYijie, YijyHandsome, lucky
YiruiYiruie, YiruyHandsome, sharp
YichenYichen, YychenTrust, morning
YibaiYibay, YibaieHandsome, hundred
YuxiYuxie, YuxyUniverse, tin
YufanYufann, YufanUniverse, ordinary
YuzeYuzey, YuzeeUniverse, kindness
YifeiYyfei, YifeighTrust, elegance

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring our list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with Y! Each name carries a unique story, a sense of heritage, and an echo of brilliance. Feel inspired? Check out more of our baby name lists on our site and discover the perfect name that echoes your hopes for your little one. Thanks for reading!

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