50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with X to Express Strength and Virtue

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Choosing a baby name is so thrilling—it’s like gifting your little one with an identity and a future all at once. Our list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with X is your treasure trove, filled with unique, meaningful, and beautiful names from the East.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with X

While it’ll be some time before little ones named Xiang or Xiu are running around your local playground, these names have a rich history. Notable figures like Xiang Yu, the famous warlord, and Xie Xingfang, the renowned badminton player, have held Chinese names beginning with X, illuminating paths of strength and success.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
XiangXiangfu, XiangfengAuspicious, fortunate
XunXunli, XunhuFast, swift
XiaoboXiaobai, XiaohuLittle treasure
XilinXiling, XilongRhyme of the forest
XinXinli, XinhaiNew, renew
XianXianli, XianfengWorthy, virtuous
XuyuanXuyuanjing, XuyuanliWish, hope
XiongXiongfeng, XionghuBrave, heroic
XiulanXiulanhua, XiulanmuBeautiful orchid
XueXuebing, XueqinSnow, learning
XinhaiXinhaizhen, XinhaishuNew sea
XiliXiliji, XilifengDelight, happiness
XianzhiXianzhilu, XianzhirenWise and ambitious
XuweiXuweiming, XuweizhiPromising and powerful
XuefengXuefengshan, XuefengliSnowy peak
XumingXumingli, XuminghuBright and clear
XufengXufengli, XufenghaiProsperous wind
XianliXianliduo, XianlizhenVirtuous and powerful
XurongXuronghua, XurongliBlossom of happiness
XuliangXuliangdong, XuliangmingBright and shining
XuyangXuyangli, XuyangzhouRising sun
XuhaiXuhailong, XuhaidongVast sea
XinyuXinyuli, XinyumengNew universe
XiwangXiwangming, XiwangzhenHope, desire
XihaoXihaojian, XihaofengGood, auspicious
XiongweiXiongweili, XiongweihaiPowerful and great
XueqinXueqinli, XueqinmengPure and sincere
XujingXujingli, XujingfengPeaceful and quiet
XingyuXingyuli, XingyuzhenStar and universe
XilaiXilaizhen, XilaishuHappy coming
XingqiXingqihai, XingqifengStar period
XuyuXuyuli, XuyuhaiRain and universe
XinetXinetli, XinetfengKindness and virtue
XuebaoXuebaohai, XuebaoliSnow treasure
XianminXianminzhen, XianminliWise and respectful
XianyuXianyuhu, XianyushanImmortal universe
XukaiXukaizhen, XukaifengOpen and victorious
XinrenXinrenli, XinrenhuaNewly virtuous
XuetaoXuetaozhen, XuetaofengSnowy peach
XingchenXingchenhai, XingchenfengStarlight
XirenXirenli, XirenhaiGentle and benevolent
XianqingXianqingli, XianqinghuaClear and honest
XueyeXueyeli, XueyefengSnowy night
XuehuaXuehuazhen, XuehuahuSnowy flower
XuchiXuchizhen, XuchifengAmber
XutaoXutaoli, XutaohaiPeaceful peach
XingheXinghezhen, XinghefengMilky way
XiurongXiurongli, XiuronghuaBeautiful appearance
XingliXinglizhen, XinglifengPowerful star
XinhuiXinhuijian, XinhuihuIntelligent and wise

Thank you for exploring these beautiful Chinese names with us, each one as unique and impressive as your upcoming arrival. Delighted? There’s more! Continue your naming journey by checking out other baby name idea lists on our site. Happy naming!

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