50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T: Unravel Their Beautiful Meanings

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Hey there, mama-to-be! We know how exciting and important it is to pick the perfect name for your little girl. Our list of ’50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T’ is filled with unique and beautiful options that are sure to resonate with you and your little one.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T

From influential artists to pioneering scientists, many noteworthy individuals proudly bear Chinese baby girl names starting with T. For instance, Tian Hui is a world-renowned violinist who has performed on the global stage. Similarly, Tao Porchon-Lynch, another gem, was an acclaimed yoga master and award-winning author, inspiring many with her wisdom and vitality.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TingTingting, TungListen
TianTian-tian, TianningHeavenly, Sky
TaoTaozi, TaotaoPeach, Long Life
TaiTaiyue, TaitaiTranquil, Peaceful
TzeTze-yan, Tze-liBeautiful, Graceful
TungTung-tung, Tung-meiUniversal, All-encompassing
TsaiTsai-ying, Tsai-liColorful, Multicolored
TanTannie, TanmeiDawn, Morning
TsuiTsuimei, Tsui-lanGraceful as Water
TsingTsingmei, TsingtaoAzure, Blue-Green
Tung-meiTung-mean, TungmeiUniversal Beauty
TinTinnie, TintinSky, Heavenly
TsaioTsaio-ling, Tsaio-lanClever, Quick-witted
TsienTsien-tsien, Tsien-MeiThousand, Many
TulanTulan-tao, Tulan-weiMagnolia Blossom
TszTsz-ying, Tsz-meiGraceful, Feminine
Tsi-shanTsi-shan-ting, Tsi-shan-taoAzalea Mountain
Tsi-yingTsi-ying-ling, Tsi-ying-lanFlower reflection
Tsung-meiTsung-mei-ling, Tsung-mei-taoAdmired Beauty
Tsi-lanTsi-lan-ting, Tsi-lan-tsienOrchid
Tsai-liTsai-li-ying, Tsai-li-lanColorful Beauty
Tsung-taoTsung-tao-ting, Tsung-tao-meiHonored Peach
TsinTsin-mei, Tsin-yingGreen Jade
TsiTsi-ying, Tsi-meiViolet
Tsui-lanTsui-lan-me, Tsui-lan-tingGraceful Orchid
Tung-tsienTung-tsien-tsai, Tung-tsien-meiUniversal Wealth
Tsai-tsienTsai-tsien-ling, Tsai-tsien-lanColorful Wealth
Tai-tsienTai-tsien-tao, Tai-tsien-weiTranquil Wealth
Tsi-taoTsi-tao-ting, Tsi-tao-tsienViolet Peach
Tsz-taoTsz-tao-ling, Tsz-tao-lanGraceful Peach
TsungTsung-ling, Tsung-lanHonoring, Respectful
TienTianmei, Tian-yingSweet, Gentle
TenTen-ten, Ten-meiWarm, Affectionate
Tsing-tsienTsing-tsien-tsai, Tsing-tsien-lingAzure Wealth
Tien-tsienTien-tsien-mei, Tien-tsien-tingGentle Wealth
Ten-tsienTen-tsien-ting, Ten-tsien-lanWarm Wealth
Tsung-tingTsung-ting-tsai, Tsung-ting-lingHonored Listening
Tien-lingTien-ling-ting, Tien-ling-lanGentle Spirit
Ten-lingTen-ling-me, Ten-ling-taoWarm Spirit
Tsi-lingTsi-ling-tsai, Tsi-ling-tsienViolet Spirit
Tsz-lingTsz-ling-mei, Tsz-ling-taoGraceful Spirit
Tien-taoTien-tao-ting, Tien-tao-meGentle Peach
Ten-taoTen-tao-ting, Ten-tao-lanWarm Peach
Tsing-taoTsing-tao-tsai, Tsing-tao-lingAzure Peach
Tien-tsaiTien-tsai-ling, Tien-tsai-lanGentle Color
Ten-tsaiTen-tsai-ting, Ten-tsai-weiWarm Color
Tsing-tsaiTsing-tsai-ying, Tsing-tsai-lanAzure Color
Tien-weiTien-wei-ting, Tien-wei-tsaiGentle Rose
Ten-weiTen-wei-tao, Ten-wei-meiWarm Rose
Tai-tsaiTai-tsai-ting, Tai-tsai-meiTranquil Color
Tsz-tsaiTsz-tsai-mei, Tsz-tsai-taoGraceful Color

We truly hope you fell in love with a few names from our ’50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with T’ list. Naming your baby is as exciting as it sounds, and we are thrilled to have been a part of this special journey! Don’t forget to explore more of our curated baby name idea lists on our site to gather even more inspiration. Happy naming, mama!

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