50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with V That Evoke Grace and Beauty

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Choosing a name for your baby girl is a joyous task, yet might feel a bit daunting with so many options out there! If you’re considering a Chinese name starting with V, you’re on a beautiful path! This list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with V will inspire you with monikers that beautifully blend tradition, charm, and uniqueness.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with V

Chinese culture is rich with influential figures bearing names that start with V. For instance, Venus Wong, a radiant Hong Kong actress who’s captured many hearts with her talent. Similarly, Victoria Song, a K-pop star turned actress who’s made waves not just in Asia, but internationally. These women are a testament to the strength and vibrance of Chinese names beginning with V.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
VaiVai Le“Brightness”
VingVing Su“Eternal”
VanVan Ta“Cloud”
ViVi Me“Beautiful”
VuiVui Jia“Joyful”
VoVo Li“Peace”
VuVu Na“Day”
VienVien Lu“Perfect”
VaiyVaiy Qu“Ocean”
VuoVuo Zi“Jade”
VuanVuan Yu“Wish”
VoonVoon Mi“Happiness”
VayVay Li“Power”
VionVion Na“Gentle”
VuanVuan Yi“Hope”
VaeVae Shu“Harmony”
VeVe Shi“Intelligent”
VunVun Xia“Morning”
VoanVoan Ge“Victory”
VaniVani Qi“Spirit”
VuinVuin Ye“Night”
VangVang Xue“Snow”
VaihVaih Hua“Flowers”
VongVong Mian“Tender”
VaoVao Jing“Respect”
VoaiVoai Zhen“True”
VienVien Fen“Fragrant”
VeinVein Fei“Flying”
VainVain Fang“Fragrance”
VouVou Min“Gentle”
ViohVioh Yun“Clouds”
VuenVuen Shuo“Speak”
VaoVao Lan“Orchid”
VuanVuan Chun“Spring”
VuxVux Xia“Summer”
VauhVauh Qiu“Autumn”
VuayVuay Dong“Winter”
VianVian Xing“Star”
VunVun Yue“Moon”
VeihVeih Feng“Wind”
VuinVuin Shan“Mountain”
VuenhVuenh He“River”
VionVion Hu“Tiger”
VoanVoan Shi“Lion”
VeihVeih Long“Dragon”
VahnVahn Huo“Fire”
VohVoh Shui“Water”
VyenVyen Tu“Earth”
VunhVunh Jin“Gold”
VyenVyen Mu“Wood”
VuayVuay Tu“Metal”
VuaiVuai Shen“Spirit”

Thanks for diving into our curation of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with V! We hope this list has sparked ideas and inspiration in your search for the perfect name. Don’t forget, our site is brimming with other baby name idea lists for you to explore. Happy naming!

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