50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with T: Adding a Touch of Exoticism

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If you’re like me, you want your baby’s name to be unique, meaningful, and full of character. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with T, a perfect blend of tradition, uniqueness, and charm that’ll make your baby boy stand out.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with T

Tao is a popular Chinese name starting with T, graced by renowned individuals like Tao Wei, the famous Chinese footballer, and Tao Ruspoli, an Italian-American filmmaker. These figures reflect the strength and uniqueness that Chinese names starting with T carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
TaoTáo, TaouPeach, long life
TienTién, TíanSky, heavenly
TaiTài, TaihGreat
TangTàng, TahngAbundant, flourishing
TianTiān, TyanField, farmland
TongTóng, TuongUnite, join
TuanTuán, TwanPrincely, regal
TsaiTsài, CaiWealth, fortune
TsanTsán, ZanPraise, commend
TungTùng, TuhngUniversal, join
TsuiTsùi, TsueiSharp, fast
TeTé, TehSpecial, unique
TseTsé, ZeThank you
TsouTsóu, TsowWalk
TengTéng, TenghSoaring, flying
TsuoTsuó, TsuohSitting
TunTún, TuhnSwallow
TsoTsǒ, TsohLeft
TsuTsǔ, TsuhAncestor
TanTán, TahngCharcoal, coal
TaoTáo, TaouWaves
TieTiě, TyeIron
TiaoTiáo, TyaoJump, leap
TsungTsúng, TsunghMiddle, second
TuoTuó, TuohCamel
TungTùng, TuhngEast
TsaiTsài, TseyColor, shine
TieuTiéu, TyohSmile, laugh
ToTó, TohRooster
TaoTáo, TaouPaddle
TsoTsǒ, TsohTo make up
TeTé, TehSpecial
TiTí, TyeRise, uplift
TsungTsúng, TsunghRevere, venerate
ToanToán, ToanWhole, complete
TsuoTsuó, TsuohRule, command
TuanTuán, TwanRespect, reverence
TsoTsǒ, TsohAncestor
TeTé, TehGain, profit
TsungTsúng, TsunghPraise, honor
TiTí, TyeLift, raise
TsuoTsuó, TsuohSurname
TuanTuán, TwanWhole, all
TienTién, TíanQuiet, tranquil
ToTó, TohSoil, earth
TsungTsúng, TsunghAll, together
TuanTuán, TwanRound, circular
TeTé, TehWrite, draw
TsuoTsuó, TsuohHappiness
TingTīng, TinghCalm, peaceful
TeTé, TehObtain, get
TsuoTsuó, TsuohSkillful, clever

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey exploring 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with T. Choosing a baby’s name is such a wonderful experience, and we hope our list has inspired you! To continue your naming adventure, don’t forget to check out our other lists for more baby name inspiration.

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