50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with S: Unique and Exquisite Choices

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Choosing a name for your little one on the way is one of the first of many exciting decisions you’ll make as a new mom. Our collection of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with S is here to inspire you and help you discover a name that’s as unique and beautiful as your baby will be.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with S

Take inspiration from notable personalities such as Shi Yanli, a renowned Chinese botanist known for her ground-breaking studies on plant taxonomy. Then there’s Song Jiaoren, an influential political figure in the early 20th century who tirelessly advocated for democratic reforms. These trailblazers embody the spirit and character of their names, setting a wonderful precedent for your little girl.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
SaiSaiyun, SainaColorful, brilliant
ShanShana, ShanliCoral; mountain range
ShuShuyi, ShufenGentle, kind; book
SongSongli, SongyingPine tree
SiSiwei, SifengThinking, considering
SuyinSuyinli, SuyinxiaPlain silver
ShuangShuangli, ShuangmeiBright, clear
SuSumei, SufenReviving, refreshing
ShenShenli, ShenxueDeep thinker, to review
SunSunli, SunnaObedient, submissive
ShuiShuilin, ShuifenWater
ShengShengli, ShengxueVictory, success
SiningSinling, SiningliThoughtful tranquility
ShunShunli, ShunqingTo obey, to follow
ShaoShaoli, ShaolanYoung
SheShelan, ShehongSociety, group
ShiyunShiyunna, ShiyunfenPoetry, verses
ShuyunShuyunmei, ShuyunliBook of rhymes
SufenSufenli, SufenlanCounting fragrance
ShijiaShijiali, ShijiayingGood family
ShumeiShumeili, ShumeixiaBeautiful plum
ShaShaolan, ShayingSand
ShuxiaShuxiali, ShuxiameiDawn over the book
ShuqingShuqingli, ShuqingnaBook of feelings
SiminSiminli, SiminxiaConsiderate people
ShunyingShunyingli, ShunyinglanObeying the cherry blossom
SujunSujunli, SujunyingSimple and refined
ShulingShulingmei, ShulingnaBeautiful jade bell
ShunaShunali, ShunayingObedient, graceful
SujingSujingli, SujinglanSimple and quiet
ShuwenShuwenli, ShuwenmeiGentle, affectionate
SuyaSuyali, SuyaqingSimple elegance
ShucongShucongli, ShucongfenIntelligent, bright
ShaoyingShaoyingli, ShaoyingmeiYoung cherry blossom
ShufangShufangli, ShufangnaGentle fragrance
ShulianShulianmei, ShulianqingBeautiful lotus
ShufeiShufeili, ShufeimeiGentle, radiant
ShupeiShupeili, ShupeiyingGentle, lovely
SiluSiluli, SilunaSilk dew
ShujiaShujiali, ShujiafenBeautiful, good
ShuyaoShuyaoli, ShuyaomeiElegant, graceful
SiyuSiyuli, SiyufenThinking, rain
ShufenShufenli, ShufenmeiGentle fragrance
ShujunShujunli, ShujunnaBeautiful, pure
SulingSulingna, SulinglanJingle of the wind
ShiyaShiyali, ShiyaningPoetry elegance
ShuyuShuyuli, ShuyumeiRain, feather
SiniSinili, SininaThinking, kind

Thanks for exploring with us through our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with S. Your child’s name is a gift, a statement of her identity, and a cherished part of her journey. Take the inspiration you’ve found today and continue your naming adventure by checking out our other baby name idea lists on our site. We’re here to help you find that perfect name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for your little one.

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