Inspire the Future with 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S

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Choosing your little one’s name is more than just a decision – it’s an adventure! Our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S lets you explore a treasure trove of names, each rich with heritage, meaning and potential for your darling baby boy’s future.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S

Sun Yat-sen, considered the father of modern China, is a luminary with a name starting with S. Contemporary scientist Shi Yigong, a pioneer in structural biology, is another inspiring figure. These illustrious personalities demonstrate the power and potential of Chinese baby boy names beginning with S.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ShunShunyi, ShunliSmooth, Speed
ShenShentao, ShenzhenDeep thinker, Mysterious
ShanShanhui, ShanwenMountain, Admirer
ShengShengli, ShenghaoVictory, Greatness
ShiShiji, ShirenScholar, Gentleman
SongSonglin, SongziPine tree, Respecting ancestors
SimaSimayi, SimazhaoController of Horses
SuiSuili, SuirenIntelligent, Follower
SuSuji, SurenEarth, Reliable
ShuoShuoli, ShuorunBright, Swift
ShueShuefei, ShueminHarmony, Quick-witted
SzeSzechi, SzeleiThinker, Reflection
ShaohuaShaohuai, ShaolingYoung Flower, Blooming youth
ShuangShuangli, ShuangfenBright, Clear
ShuiShuili, ShuibinWater, Graceful
ShuShufei, ShuwenBook, Cultured
ShiqiShiqin, ShiqingSeventeen, Youthful
ShaShazhou, ShaleiKilling, Powerful
ShaoShaoyi, ShaoshengYounger, Vitality
SunSunli, SunchenDescendants, Obedient
SuoSuoli, SuojinLock, Secured
ShunliShunliwen, ShunlizhiObedient, Polished
ShijingShijinglong, ShijingbaoClassic, Traditional
ShanzhiShanzhili, ShanzhiminMountain wisdom, Knowledgeable
SingerSingerli, SingerhaoStar, Bright
ShaochenShaochenzi, ShaochenyueYoung and great, Dignified
ShanyuanShanyuanzi, ShanyuanhaoMountain source, Refreshing
ShufanShufanli, ShufanzhouBookish, Learned
ShanliShanliyu, ShanlichangMountain strength, Sturdy
ShuminShuminlei, ShuminqingPeople’s, Democratic
ShengyanShengyanli, ShengyanhaoSpeech winner, Eloquent
ShihaoShihaoyu, ShihaominWorldly, Ambitious
ShiboShibohao, ShiborenGenerations, Tradition
SuminSuminzi, SuminleSmart, Clever
ShijieShijieshun, ShijiechenWorld, Universal
SiyuanSiyuanchen, SiyuanliFourth source, Rich
ShimingShiminghao, ShimingzhouWorld bright, Illuminated
SimaoSimaochen, SimaozhiSilk, Delicate
SenSenhao, SenzhiForest, Natural
SuyuSuyusheng, SuyuzhouReviving rain, Prosperous
ShunyuanShunyuanli, ShunyuanminObedient source, Pleasing
ShurongShuronghao, ShurongzhiBright scholar, Enlightened
SupingSupinghao, SupingzhiSimple, Unpretentious
SengSenghao, SengzhiMonk, Religious
SiboSibohao, SibozhiThinker, Wise
ShanchenShanchenhao, ShanchenzhouMountain great, Majestic
ShenjunShenjunli, ShenjunhaoDivine ruler, Powerful

Thank you for considering our curated list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with S. We hope you found it not just informative, but inspiring! Remember, each name has a unique story just waiting to be told. So, continue your adventure by checking out more of our baby name idea lists. Happy naming!

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