50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with R: Explore, Dream, and Name

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Choosing your baby’s name is like embarking on an exciting journey. As you embark on this adventure with us, our list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with R will guide you towards that perfect name – one that is unique, meaningful, and rich with cultural heritage.

Notable People with Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with R

Ren Zhengfei is a globally recognized figure, the founder of the multinational technology company, Huawei. Another influential person is Rui Chenggang, an eminent journalist, and author in China. These names hold weight and have left an indelible mark – just like the name you’ll choose for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RenRenn“Benevolence, kind”
RuiRuey“Sharp, astute”
RunRoon“Sunrise, dawn”
RuoRuoh“Promise, oath”
RuRoo“Confucian scholar”
RongRung“Harmony, to flourish”
ReRee“Hot, warm”
RuianRuan“Sharp, smart”
RuoanRoan“Peaceful and calm”
RuchaoRuchou“Rising tide”
RunxiRunxi“Joyful dawn”
RuyiRueyee“As wished for”
RuxinRuxun“Heart of a scholar”
RuciRucee“Kind and gentle”
RuochenRuochun“Rise of the morning sun”
RujinRoojin“Benevolent and respectful”
RuguiRuguey“Kind and honorable”
RuchenRuchun“Benevolent and wise”
RuixiRueyxi“Promising dawn”
RuixuanRuexuan“Scholarly and profound”
RuiyangRueyang“Sunrise over the ocean”
RuilinRuelynn“Forest of scholars”
RongxinRongxun“Prosperous and kind”
RongyuanRongyuen“Vast and grand”
RongjieRongjee“Gentle and distinguished”
RongqiRongkee“Gentle and noble”
RongyuRongyoo“Honor and glory”
RongzhiRongzhee“Knowledge and wisdom”
RenjieRenjee“Benevolent and distinguished”
RenpingRenping“Peaceful and kind”
RenyuRenyoo“Jade of benevolence”
RenzhiRenzhee“Benevolent wisdom”
RenfuRenfoo“Father of benevolence”
RenmingRenming“Bright and kind”
RenganRengan“Kind and patient”
RenliRenlee“Strength of benevolence”
RenqiangRenqiang“Strong and benevolent”
RenboRenbo“Wave of benevolence”
RenxuRenxoo“Continuance of benevolence “
RenyaoRenyao“Distant and kind”
RenxueRenxue“Learning of benevolence”
RenhaoRenhao“Kind and good”
RenjiaRenjia“Home of benevolence”
RenmoRenmo“Ink of benevolence”
RenzhuoRenzhuo“Flame of benevolence”
RenxianRenxian“Fairy of benevolence”
RenhuRenhoo“Lake of benevolence”
RenyiRenyee“Righteous and kind”
RenjunRenjoon“Ruler of benevolence”

Thank you for joining us on this journey through our list of 50 baby boy names starting with R. It’s our pleasure to assist you in this fascinating task of choosing the perfect name for your little one. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name lists on our site – let every name inspire you, and make the process of naming your precious one even more special.

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