50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with R: Explore Remarkable Choices

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Hey there, fellow mommy-to-be! If you’re fascinated by the charm of Chinese culture and are hunting for ‘R’ names for your baby girl, you’re at the right place. We’ve handpicked 50 radiant Chinese baby girl names, each starting with the promising letter ‘R’.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Before we dive into our name list, let’s learn about some notable individuals who’ve made their ‘R’ names shine. For instance, Ren Tingting, a renowned Chinese actress and Rong Fu, an eminent scientist in atmospheric dynamics – are both celebrities in their respective fields.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
RongRóng, RhongLotus, Surname
RuRù, RuhScholar, Confucian
RuiRuì, RhuiIntelligent, Sharp
RenRén, RhennBenevolence, Forbearance
RuoRuò, RuohPromise, Soft, Mellow
RuiyingRuìyīng, RhuiyingClever, Agile
RenxiRénxī, RhennxiBenevolent Cheerful
RuoyiRuòyī, RuoyeeAs One Wishes
RuihanRuìhán, RhuihanIntelligent, Korean
RuxinRúxīn, RuhxinAs Gentle As The Heart
RujiaRújiā, RhujiaScholar-like
ReRè, RheEnthusiastic, Hot
RuochengRuòchéng, RuohchengPromise City
RuxiRúxī, RuhxiAs Gentle As Tenderness
RuoshiRuòshí, RuohshiPromise Stone
RenliRénlì, RhennliBenevolent Strength
RuomeiRuòměi, RuohmeiPromise Beauty
RuyanRúyàn, RuhyanAs Gentle As Smoke
RuenRuén, RhuenScholar, Graceful
RuolanRuòlán, RuohlanPromise Orchid
RuiheRuìhé, RhuiheIntelligent River
RuoxiRuòxī, RuohxiPromise Happiness
RuoanRuòān, RuohanPromise Peace
RuxueRúxuě, RuhxueAs Gentle As Snow
RuiliRuìlì, RhiliIntelligent Power
RuzhenRúzhēn, RuhzhenAs Gentle As Pearl
RenyiRényī, RhenniBenevolent One
RuonanRuònán, RuohnanPromise South
RunaRúna, RhunaAs Gentle As Silk
RuyaRúyā, RhuyaAs Gentle As Elegance
RuiliangRuìliáng, RhiliángIntelligent Brightness
RuifengRuìféng, RhuifengIntelligent Wind
RuoqiRuòqí, RuohqiPromise Miracle
RuoxiRúxī, RhuxiAs Gentle As Happiness
RuiqianRuìqián, RhuqiánIntelligent Thousand
RuijunRuìjūn, RhuijunIntelligent Army
RuxiangRúxiāng, RuhxiāngAs Gentle As Incense
RuxiaRúxià, RhuxiaAs Gentle As Summer
RuyuRúyù, RhuyuAs Gentle As Feather
RuihuaRuìhuā, RhuihuaIntelligent Flower
RuoxuanRuòxuān, RuohxuānPromise Mystery
RuojinRuòjīn, RuohjinPromise Gold
RuijieRuìjié, RhuijieIntelligent Boundary
RuolanRúlán, RhulanAs Gentle As Orchid
RuoshanRuòshān, RuohshanPromise Coral
RuxingRúxīng, RhuxingAs Gentle As Star
RuoweiRuòwěi, RuohweiPromise Power
RuiyangRuìyáng, RhuíyángIntelligent Sun

Thank you for taking this enchanting journey through our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with R. We hope you found some inspiring options for your little one. Remember, the adventure doesn’t end here! Continue the naming journey with more baby name idea lists on our site – a world of names awaits your exploration.

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