50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Q: A Unique Cultural Treasure Trove

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Hey there, mommas-to-be! If you’re hunting for a distinctive, meaningful name for your soon-arriving princess, you’re in for a treat. Our selection of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with Q might be the inspiration you’ve been waiting for!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

Let’s start with Qiu Yuen, a remarkable martial arts actress known for her roles in classic films like ‘Kung Fu Hustle.’ Another influencing name starts with ‘Q’ is Qian Zhengying, a respected former minister and an exceptional female figure in China’s political scene. Names beginning with ‘Q’ do carry an aura of strength, don’t they?

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
QiaQia-Qia, Qiao, QianaCute, pretty
QiQiQi, Qie, QilaEnlighten
QingQing-Qing, Qinga, QinglaClear, pure
QianQiana, Qianla, QianliMoney, coin
QiaoQiao-Qiao, Qiaoli, QiaolingSkillful, clever
QiuQiu-Qiu, Qiuli, QiulingAutumn
QiweiQiweiwei, Qiweila, QiweiliExtraordinary, distinguished
QuanQuanquan, Quanla, QuanliSpring, fountain
QuQula, Quli, QulingSweet, delightful
QunQunqun, Qunla, QunliCrowd, all
QueQuela, Queli, QuelingJade ornament
QixuanQixuanxuan, Qixuanla, QixuanliRare, unusual
QiminQiminqin, Qiminla, QiminliKind, people-oriented
QiruiQiruirui, Qiruila, QiruiliBeneficial, auspicious
QiaolianQiaolianlian, Qiaolianla, QiaolianliSkillful, beautiful
QilingQilingling, Qilingla, QilingliMagical, extraordinary
QiongfangQiongfangfang, Qiongfangla, QiongfangliRich, aromatic
QixiaQixiaxia, Qixiala, QixialiTwilight, glow
QiuhongQiuhonghong, Qiuhongla, QiuhongliRed autumn, passionate
QiujuQiujuju, Qiujula, QiujuliChrysanthemum, elegant
QuyaoQuyaoyao, Quyaola, QuyaoliJade talisman, beautiful
QumeiQumeimei, Qumeila, QumeiliBeautiful plum, elegant
QianxiQianxixi, Qianxila, QianxiliHappy, joyous
QianhuaQianhuahua, Qianhuala, QianhualiBeautiful flower
QixinQixinxin, Qixinla, QixinliHappy heart, cheerful
QiaoyunQiaoyunyun, Qiaoyunla, QiaoyunliSkilled, graceful
QiuweiQiuweiwei, Qiuweila, QiuweiliFlavor of fall, charming
QixinQixinxin, Qixinla, QixinliStart, rise
QimeiQimeimei, Qimeila, QimeiliBeautiful, sister
QiuyueQiuyueyue, Qiuyuela, QiuyueliAutumn moon, charming
QianqianQianqianqian, Qianqianla, QianqianliLight, clear
QiahuiQiahuihui, Qiahula, QiahuliLovely, clever
QianruQianruru, Qianrula, QianruliCharm, elegance
QianfengQianfengfeng, Qianfengla, QianfengliFront, wind
QiuliQiulili, Qiulila, QiuliliAutumn, beautiful
QiujinQiujinjin, Qiujinla, QiujinliAutumn gold, precious
QionghuaQionghuahua, Qionghuala, QionghualiBeautiful, rich
QianliQianlili, Qianlila, QianliliThousand miles, journey
QiuhuanQiuhuanhuan, Qiuhuanla, QiuhuanliAutumn joy, happiness
QiaomeiQiaomeimei, Qiaomeila, QiaomeiliCute, beautiful
QiurongQiurongrong, Qiurongla, QiurongliAutumn glory, charm
QianlingQianlingling, Qianlingla, QianlingliSpirit, light
QijingQijingjing, Qijingla, QijingliWonder, scenery
QiaoshiQiaoshishi, Qiaoshila, QiaoshiliSmart, time
QiushuangQiushuangshuang, Qiushuangla, QiushuangliAutumn frost, elegant
QianhuQianhuhu, Qianhula, QianhuliLake, beautiful
QianyuQianyuyu, Qianyula, QianyuliHeavenly, beautiful

Thank you for journeying with us through our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with Q! We hope you’ve found inspiration and perhaps, the perfect name for your little girl. Remember, a name can be a powerful identity, so let it resonate with your dreams and wishes for your baby. Be sure to explore more of our baby name idea lists to discover other fantastic options. Happy naming, dear mommies!

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