50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with O: Embark on a Naming Adventure

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Choosing a baby’s name is a monumental moment in every mom-to-be’s journey. It’s about finding a name that encompasses love, grace, and a touch of personal story. Our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with O is designed to guide you through this exciting expedition!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with O

Let’s look at some remarkable women who’ve made their mark, sporting Chinese baby girl names starting with O. One standout is Ou-yang Nana, a renowned cellist, and actress, making waves in both fields with her extraordinary talent and charm. Another is Ou Shuying, a celebrated dancer who’s taken Chinese traditional dance onto the global stage.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
OuOu, O, WuLotus
Ou-YangOyang, WuyangElm Willow
OuyiOu-Yi, Wu-YiKind-hearted
OuliOulie, WuliBeautiful and Intelligent
OuweiOu-Wei, Wu-WeiPreserving Harmony
OuchunOu-Chun, Wu-ChunSpringtime Lotus
OufenOu-Fen, Wu-FenFragrance of the Lotus
OuhuaOu-Hua, Wu-HuaSplendid lotus
OuxiangOu-Xiang, Wu-XiangFragrance of the Lotus
OuxiOu-Xi, Wu-XiWestern Lotus
OuranOu-Ran,Wu-RanOrchid in Full Bloom
OuruiOu-Rui, Wu-RuiWise and Insightful
OujiaOu-Jia, Wu-JiaBeautiful Lotus
OujingOu-Jing, Wu-JingPure Lotus
OumeiOu-Mei, Wu-MeiBeautiful Plum
OumengOu-Meng, Wu-MengDreaming of Lotus
OunanOu-Nan,Wu-NanSouth of the Lotus
OuqiOu-Qi, Wu-QiSunshine Lotus
OulinOu-Lin, Wu-LinBeautiful Forest
OupingOu-Ping, Wu-PingPeaceful Lotus
OumiaoOu-Miao, Wu-MiaoWonderful Lotus
OuhongOu-Hong, Wu-HongRainbow Lotus
OusongOu-Song, Wu-SongPine Lotus
OuguiOu-Gui, Wu-GuiNoble Lotus
OutianOu-Tian, Wu-TianHeavenly Lotus
OuqianOu-Qian, Wu-QianThousand Lotuses
OuzhenOu-Zhen, Wu-ZhenPrecious Lotus
OuqiuOu-Qiu, Wu-QiuAutumn Lotus
OuyueOu-Yue, Wu-YueMoon Lotus
OushanOu-Shan, Wu-ShanMountain Lotus
OuyangOu-Yang, Wu-YangSunlit Lotus
OuhaiOu-Hai, Wu-HaiSea Lotus
OuxueOu-Xue, Wu-XueSnow Lotus
OufeiOu-Fei, Wu-FeiFlying Lotus
OuxinOu-Xin, Wu-XinHeart Lotus
OushuOu-Shu, Wu-ShuBook Lotus
OujunOu-Jun, Wu-JunTruth Lotus
OuhuanOu-Huan, Wu-HuanJoyous Lotus
OuyunOu-Yun, Wu-YunCloud Lotus
OuguoOu-Guo, Wu-GuoCountry Lotus
OuziOu-Zi, Wu-ZiSon Lotus
OuhuaOu-Hua, Wu-HuaChina Lotus
OufenOu-Fen, Wu-FenFragrant Lotus
OurenOu-Ren, Wu-RenPeople’s Lotus
OujinOu-Jin, Wu-JinGold Lotus
OuhaoOu-Hao, Wu-HaoGood Lotus
OuxiOu-Xi, Wu-XiWest Lotus
OuziOu-Zi, Wu-ZiPurple Lotus
OuzhenOu-Zhen, Wu-ZhenValuable Lotus
OuzhuOu-Zhu, Wu-ZhuBamboo Lotus
OufangOu-Fang, Wu-FangSquare Lotus
OugongOu-Gong, Wu-GongPalace Lotus
OuxuanOu-Xuan, Wu-XuanMystery Lotus

Thank you for taking this journey through our curated list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with O. We believe each name tells a beautiful story, and one among them could be the perfect fit for your little girl. Explore more of our diverse baby name ideas and let the adventure of naming continue on our site.

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