50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with N: Infuse Tradition in Modernity

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Choosing your baby’s name is more than just a task—it’s a heartwarming journey full of love and excitement. Dive into our collection of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with ‘N’, and let these meaningful monikers inspire you as you imagine your baby’s future.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with N

Ning Jing” may sound familiar—it is carried by the acclaimed Chinese actress known for her memorable roles in both film and television. Or “Na Ying”, a Chinese pop singer whose powerful voice has captivated audiences far beyond China’s borders. These influential figures illuminate the beauty and strength within Chinese baby girl names starting with ‘N’.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NingNingning, NingingTranquil, Peaceful
NuanNuannuan, NuanaWarm, Gentle
NaNana, NahaGraceful, Elegant
NanNannan, NanaSouth, Gentle
NiNini, NiciPersistence, Perseverance
NaoNaonao, NaouTo Chirp, Cute
NüwaNuwa, NuaThe Mythical Creator of Mankind
NiuNiuniu, NiuniaGirl
NuxiNuxia, NuxinaGirl’s Joy
NongNongnong, NongnaBountiful, Plentiful
NuoNuonuo, NuoaPromise, Pledge
NengNengneng, NengaAbility, Power
NinNinnin, NinnaPatience, Perseverance
NoNono, NonouSkill, Talent
NuNununu, NunaWoman
NueNuenue, NueaBeautiful, Attractive
NuoNuonuo, NuoahBroad-minded, Tolerant
NuanNuanah, NuanaWarmth, Affection
NiNia, NiahGirl
NaiNaina, NaihaGirl
NianNiania, NianahThink, Reflect
NuoNuonuo, NuonuonuoBroad, Vast
NueNuenue, NuehaGirl
NiaNiania, NiahaGirl
NüyingNuying, NuyingaFemale Flower
NiaNiania, NiahaGirl
NuoNuonuo, NuonuonuoGrace, Charm
NuiNuinui, NuihaGirl
NiNini, NiciShine, Glow
NouNounou, NouaAbility, Skill
NuNunu, NunaWarm, Affectionate
NuoNuonuo, NuoaGentle, Soft
NuniNunini, NuniaGirl
NiuNiuniu, NiuniaGirl
NuoNuonuo, NuoaHarmony, Balance
NianNianian, NianaReflect, Ponder
NioNioio, NioaSkill, Expertise
NuoNuonuo, NuoaHappy, Joyful
NuiNuinui, NuihaGirl
NuoNuonuo, NuonuonuoGraceful, Elegant
NuoNuonuo, NuonaGentle, Soft
NuNununu, NunaWoman
NüeNuee, NueaGirl
NüyouNuyou, NuyouaFemale Friend
NengNengneng, NengaCapability, Ability
NaNaha, NanaGrace, Elegance
NuoNuonuo, NuoaHarmonious, Balanced
NuoNuonuo, NuoahGentle, Soft

And there you have it, our handpicked list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with ‘N’. We hope this list has not only informed but also inspired you. Remember, the perfect name for your baby girl is one that resonates with your heart. Keep exploring more of our baby name idea lists as you embark on this remarkable naming journey. Thanks for reading and happy naming, dear moms-to-be!

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