50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with N: Harmonize East and West

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Embarking on the joyous journey of parenthood? What better way to start than by picking the perfect name for your little one! Dive into this treasure trove of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with N, each radiating its unique significance and charm.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with N

Our list includes names of many influential and famed personalities. Take, for instance, Ning Zetao, a decorated Chinese Olympic swimmer known for his swift agility. Another notable icon is Nie Er, the composer of China’s national anthem, revered for his resonant music that continues to inspire. These luminaries spotlight the richness and power these names can carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
NianNiean, NienYear
NingNyng, NingSerenity
NiuNew, KniuOx
NanNann, NahnSouth
NuoNuow, NuawGraceful
NangNangh, GnangPleasure
NongKnong, NnongAgriculture
NaNaa, NahElegant
NiNee, NhiSelf
NeiNey, NheiInner
NiangNhiang, NianghMother
NarranNarann, NarrahnSun
NakaiNakay, NakkaiMother
NaiyouNaiyow, NaiyooCream
NanshanNanshann, NahnshanSouth Mountain
NianzuNianzoo, NienzuLongevous
NinghaoNinghaow, NyngaoPeaceful and Good
NiujuNiujuu, KniujuOx Chrysanthemum
NanfengNanfengg, NahnfengSouth Wind
NuoyanNuoyann, NuawanGraceful Swallow
NangongNangongg, GnanggongSouthern Palace
NongyuNongyoo, KnongyuAgricultural Jade
NaizhiNaizhih, NahzhiElegant Knowledge
NixingNixon, NixingStar of Self
NeibaiNeibaai, NheibaiInner Purity
NiangziNiangzee, NhiangziMother
NarranbaoNarranbaow, NarranbawSun Treasure
NakairuiNakairuee, NakairuiMother’s Wisdom
NaiyoulianNaiyouliann, NaiyooleanCream Lotus
NanshananNanshanann, NahnshananSouth Mountain Peace
NianzuhuaNianzuhwaa, NienzuhuaLongevous Flower
NinghaomuNinghaomu, NyngaomuGood and Peaceful
NiujuqiNiujuquee, KniujuqiOx Chrysanthemum Rise
NanfengyuNanfengyuu, NahnfengyuSouth Wind Jade
NuoyanheNuoyanh, NuoawanheGraceful River
NangongleNangongle, GnanggongleHappy Southern Palace
NongyumeiNongyumee, KnongyumeiAgricultural Jade Beauty
NaizhihaoNaizhihaow, NahzhihaoElegant and Good
NixingxueNixingxue, NixonxueSnowy Star of Self
NeibaizhenNeibaizhen, NheibaizhenPure Inner Pearl
NiangzibeiNiangzibee, NhiangzibeiMother’s Cup
NarranbaoshiNarranbaoshee, NarranbaoshiSun Jewel
NakairuixinNakairuixin, NakairuixinMother’s Wisdom Heart
NaiyoulianhuaNaiyoulianhwa, NaiyooleanhuaCream Lotus Flower
NanshananmeiNanshananmee, NahnshananmeiSouth Mountain Beautiful Peace
NianzuhuaxueNianzuhuaxue, NienzuhuaxueLongevous Snowy Flower
NinghaomuhuaNinghaomuhwa, NyngaomuhuaGood and Peaceful Flower
NiujuqizhenNiujuqizhen, KniujuqizhenRising Ox Chrysanthemum Pearl
NanfengyuziNanfengyuzi, NahnfengyuziSouth Wind Jade Son

And with that, we wrap up our striking list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with N. We hope these unique and significant names have ignited your imagination, and maybe even led you to ‘the one’. Remember, choosing a name is a beautiful journey of discovery, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Discover more fascinating baby name ideas by exploring other lists on our site. Thanks for reading, and happy naming!

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