50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with M: Cultivate Identity & Grace

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Hey there, mama-to-be! Get ready for a thrilling ride as we venture eastward and uncover the mystique and charm of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with M. Brace yourself, you’re about to embark on a fabulous cultural adventure!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Meet Ma Yun, better known as Jack Ma, the magnetic founder of Alibaba, or Ma Huateng, the innovative mind behind Tencent, one of the largest internet companies. These influential figures are stunning examples of Chinese names starting with M, making waves on a global scale.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
MinMynn, MinnSharp-minded
MingMyng, MinggBrightness
MoMoh, MouSilent
MaoMaou, MaohHairy
MuMuh, MueWood
MengMengg, MhengFierce
ManMann, MhanFull
MeiMey, MeiyBeautiful
MiaoMiaou, MiaohWonderful
MiuMiou, MiuuGentle
MiMie, MiiRice
MuuMuue, MuhDependable
MingzhuMingzhuu, MingzhooBright Pearl
MengyaoMengyaou, MengiaSuperior Handsomness
MinshengMinshen, MinzhengPeople’s Voice
MacauMakau, MackauGambling Master
MipanMipaan, MipahnBreadwinner
MingdeMingdae, MingtaeVirtuous Brightness
MeilunMelun, MaylunBeautifully Smooth
MengjiaMengja, MengjahFamily’s Hope
MofanMofaan, MofahnModel
MonanMonaen, MonahnSilent South
MingdaMingta, MingdatBrightly Great
MuyangMuyan, MuyahnShepherd
MinweiMinwey, MinwaiSharp Power
MingliMinglee, MinglieBright Etiquette
MingyuMingyue, MingyuhBright Universe
MeixiuMeishou, MeixhouBeautifully Cultured
MengfeiMengfay, MengfayiFierce Flyer
MuyiMuyie, MuyiiWood Art
MeijunMeijoon, MeijuhnBeautifully Handsome
MunanMunahn, MunaenWood South
MengliMenglee, MenglieFierce Etiquette
MingzheMingzhee, MingzhaeBright Philosopher
MeilanMeilan, MeilahnBeautiful Orchid
MengjunMengjoon, MengjuhnFierce Handsome
MinghanMinghaen, MinghahnBright Man
MingqiuMingqu, MingkewBright Autumn
MeiyouMeiyouu, MeyyouBeautifully Leisurely
MeihuiMeihoie, MeihoeeBeautifully Kind
MenghuanMenghuaen, MenghuanhFierce Ring
MinguangMingguang, MingguahnBright Light
MengzhenMengzhehn, MengzhaenFierce Precious
MuguangMugguang, MugguanhWood Light
MenghuangMenghuahng, MenghuaengFierce Ring
MengguangMengguaeng, MengguanghFierce Light
MingbaiMingbae, MingbeiBright White
MuyouMuyouu, MuioWood Leisurely
MuhuiMuhuie, MuhoiWood Kind
MuningMunin, MunhingWood Peace

And that’s a wrap, lovely mamas! Thanks for journeying with us through our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with M. Feel the excitement of discovery, the joy of uniqueness, and dive deeper into our other baby name idea lists on our site. After all, every great name is the beginning of an even greater story. Be inspired, your baby’s perfect name is just around the corner!

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