50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O: Explore Poetic Inspirations

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Hey, mama-to-be! Picking a name for your little champ is an exciting journey, isn’t it? Let’s dive into a list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O, embracing both charm and heritage in each choice.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O

From athletes to artists, several noteworthy individuals have Chinese names starting with ‘O’. Iconic basketball player, O’Neal Xiaojun, encapsulates strength and prowess, while renowned artist, Onyx Xiaotian, symbolizes beauty and talent. Each person is a testament to how a name can embody individuality and significance.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
O-MingOu-Ming, Oh-MingBright, shining
O-XingOu-Xing, Oh-XingStar, celestial bodies
O-ZhenOu-Zhen, Oh-ZhenPrecious, valuable
O-BaoOu-Bao, Oh-BaoTreasure, precious
O-FengOu-Feng, Oh-FengMaple, Phoenix
O-WeiOu-Wei, Oh-WeiPower, prestige
O-LiOu-Li, Oh-LiStrength, sharp
O-RenOu-Ren, Oh-RenBenevolence, virtuous
O-JianOu-Jian, Oh-JianHealth, strong
O-YuOu-Yu, Oh-YuUniverse, cosmic
O-HaiOu-Hai, Oh-HaiOcean, sea
O-SuOu-Su, Oh-SuRevive, rise
O-KangOu-Kang, Oh-KangHealthy, robust
O-ChenOu-Chen, Oh-ChenMorning, dawn
O-LiangOu-Liang, Oh-LiangBrightness, shining light
O-JieOu-Jie, Oh-JieOutstanding, excellent
O-XueOu-Xue, Oh-XueStudy, learning
O-HuangOu-Huang, Oh-HuangPhoenix, mythological bird
O-LinOu-Lin, Oh-LinForest, woods
O-ZhuOu-Zhu, Oh-ZhuBamboo, flexibility
O-QingOu-Qing, Oh-QingClear, bright
O-TaoOu-Tao, Oh-TaoPeach, longevity
O-NingOu-Ning, Oh-NingCalm, peaceful
O-YaoOu-Yao, Oh-YaoShining, glorious
O-AnOu-An, Oh-AnTranquil, calm
O-FeiOu-Fei, Oh-FeiFlying, soaring
O-JinOu-Jin, Oh-JinGold, metal
O-FuOu-Fu, Oh-FuFortune, happiness
O-LeiOu-Lei, Oh-LeiThunder, power
O-TianOu-Tian, Oh-TianSky, heavens
O-CaiOu-Cai, Oh-CaiWealth, money
O-ShanOu-Shan, Oh-ShanMountain, nature
O-XiOu-Xi, Oh-XiHappiness, joy
O-YunOu-Yun, Oh-YunCloud, dreamy
O-PingOu-Ping, Oh-PingPeace, tranquility
O-HuanOu-Huan, Oh-HuanHappy, joyous
O-YiOu-Yi, Oh-YiRighteous, justice
O-ZeOu-Ze, Oh-ZeResponsibility, duty
O-ShuOu-Shu, Oh-ShuBook, learned
O-BinOu-Bin, Oh-BinRefined, polished
O-QiOu-Qi, Oh-QiEnlighten, reveal
O-LuOu-Lu, Oh-LuDeer, grace
O-SiOu-Si, Oh-SiThink, consider
O-ZongOu-Zong, Oh-ZongRespect, honor
O-KunOu-Kun, Oh-KunUniverse, cosmos
O-GuangOu-Guang, Oh-GuangLight, brightness
O-RongOu-Rong, Oh-RongGlory, honor
O-YanOu-Yan, Oh-YanFlame, passionate
O-BinOu-Bin, Oh-BinClear, refined
O-ZhiOu-Zhi, Oh-ZhiWisdom, knowledge
O-QianOu-Qian, Oh-QianMoney, wealth
O-PeiOu-Pei, Oh-PeiJade, beauty
O-NuoOu-Nuo, Oh-NuoGrace, elegance
O-HuiOu-Hui, Oh-HuiSplendor, glorious

Thanks for joining us on this unique exploration of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with O! Naming your baby is a significant step on this exciting journey of parenthood, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. For more inspiration and guidance, don’t forget to check out our other lists of baby name ideas on our site. Happy naming, mom-to-be!

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