50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with P for the Modern Mom

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Hello, future mommy friends! Expecting a little prince and considering a P-intensive name? We’ve got you covered! Get ready to dive into our list of enticing ’50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with P’— a blend of tradition, uniqueness, and cultural richness.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with P

Picking a name beginning with P? You’re amongst great company! People like Peng Liyuan, a celebrated Chinese folk singer and First Lady of China, and Pan Shiyi, a renowned Chinese businessman and philanthropist, have made noteworthy contributions to society. Let these influential figures inspire your baby naming journey.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. PengPung, PyngRoc, a mythical bird
2. PeizhiPaezhee, PaezhiRespectful and ambitious
3. PingPyngPeaceful, level
4. PeiPay, PaiAdmiration, respect
5. PiaoPyaow, PiaowHandsome, attractive
6. PeilinPaylin, PeilinnBeautiful Jade
7. PanPahnBoard, plank
8. P’anPahn, PaanTo hope, to expect
9. PoPohWave, break forth
10. PaiPay, PeiCypress tree
11. PojunPohjun, PowjunRespect and obedience
12. PoyuPohyu, PowyuRespectful and polite
13. PeishengPaysheng, PeishenRespectful and born
14. PanlongPahnlong, PanlonggCoiling dragon
15. PuPuhUniversal, widespread
16. PanfengPahnfeng, PanfenSail wind
17. PaiweiPaywei, PaiweyCypress guard
18. PeidePayde, PeidRespect and virtue
19. PinganPyngan, PingannSafety, peace
20. PoyiPohyi, PowyiRespectful and lofty
21. PeirongPayrong, PeironggRespect and glory
22. PumingPuhming, PuminggUniversal clarity
23. PinghaiPyngai, PingaiPeaceful sea
24. PuqingPuhqing, PuqinggUniversal celebration
25. PeiqiPayqi, PeiqiiRespectful flag
26. PandePahnde, PandeeSail virtue
27. PeiyuanPayyuan, PeiyuannRespectful first
28. PuzhaoPuhzhao, PuzhaoUniversal illumination
29. PingzhangPyngzhang, PingzhanggPeaceful growth
30. PoziPozii, PozziBreak forth and self
31. PuguangPuhguang, PuguanggUniversal light
32. PojiPozji, PozjiBreak forth and lucky
33. PujiPuhji, PujiUniversal lucky
34. PingshunPyngshun, PingshunnPeaceful and smooth
35. PuxunPuhxun, PuxunnUniversal and smooth
36. PizhenPizhenn, PizzhenBreak forth and precious
37. PufuPuhfu, PufuUniversal and auxiliary
38. PuquanPuhquan, PuquannUniversal power
39. PuliPulii, PuloiUniversal benefit
40. PunanPuhnan, PunanUniversal peace
41. PujiuPuhjiu, PujiuuUniversal malt
42. PoqianPozqian, PoqianBreak forth and money
43. PuxinPuhxin, PuxinnUniversal trust
44. PojiaPozjia, PojiaaBreak forth and home
45. PohuiPohuii, PohuoiBreak forth and ruin
46. PuzhenPuhzhen, PuzhennUniversal precious
47. PuxiangPuhxiang, PuxianggUniversal fragrance
48. PosuPozsu, PosuBreak forth and revive
49. PuyanPuhyan, PuyanUniversal speech
50. PochangPozchang, PochanggBreak forth and flourishing

Thank you for joining us on this delightful naming journey! We hope our ’50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with P’ list has sparked some inspiration. Choosing a name is an exciting part of welcoming your little one. Why not check out more of our curated baby name idea lists? We’re here to help make your baby naming journey as joyous and meaningful as possible.

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