50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with P: Inspiration for Your Little Princess

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Hey there, Mama-to-be! Choosing a name for your little girl is a journey like no other, and I’m here to walk you through it. Let’s unlock a world of beautiful Chinese names starting with P, each with its unique history and meaning!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with P

There are some truly inspiring women who share these names. Take Peng Liyuan, a prominent Chinese folk singer and the First Lady of China, whose name Peng means ‘friend’ in Chinese. Another well-known figure is Pan Shiyi, a successful real estate developer and social media influencer, showing us that P names are not only unique but are carried by individuals of influence and impact.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
PaiPay, Pae“The sky”
PeizhiPei-Zhi, Pei Zhi“Respectful”
PingP’ing, Pyng“Peaceful”
PanP’an, Pan“Hope”
PeiP’ei, Pea“Radiance”
PiaoPyao, P’iao“Floating”
PeiqiPei-Qi, Pei Qi“Charming”
PariParee, Parry“Elfin”
PeilinPei-Lin, Pei Lin“Ebony wood”
PengP’eng, Pyng“Friend”
PeishanPei-Shan, Pei Shan“Elegant, distinguished”
PeifenPei-Fen, Pei Fen“Elegant fragrance”
PilingPi-Ling, Pi Ling“Beautiful spirit”
PeiyingPei-Ying, Pei Ying“Elegant flower”
PeishiPei-Shi, Pei Shi“Elegant stone”
PeiyunPei-Yun, Pei Yun“Cloud”
PeilunPei-Lun, Pei Lun“Elegant ethics”
PeifanPei-Fan, Pei Fan“Elegant sail”
PeinanPei-Nan, Pei Nan“Elegant south”
PeijiaPei-Jia, Pei Jia“Elegant family”
PeixuanPei-Xuan, Pei Xuan“Elegant and profound”
PeiyingPei-Ying, Pei Ying“Elegant and clever”
PeizhenPei-Zhen, Pei Zhen“Elegant and precious”
PeiluPei-Lu, Pei Lu“Elegant journey”
PeixianPei-Xian, Pei Xian“Elegant and virtuous”
PiaoranPiao-Ran, Piao Ran“Floating orchid”
PianpianPian-Pian, Pian-P“Gently”
PinghuaPing-Hua, Ping Hua“Peaceful and splendid”
PingjingPing-Jing, Ping J“Peaceful and quiet”
PangleiPang-Lei, Pang Lei“Flourishing thunder”
PanxiuPan-Xiu, Pan Xiu“Brilliant embroidery”
PanruiPan-Rui, Pan Rui“Bright and sharp”
PangnianPang-Nian, Pang N“Think and recall”
PanfenPan-Fen, Pan Fen“Pink fragrance”
PanliPan-Li, Pan Li“Beautiful and upright”
PanyunPan-Yun, Pan Yun“Cloud of hope”
PanyingPan-Ying, Pan Ying“Cherry blossom of hope”
PanyuPan-Yu, Pan Yu“Universality of hope”
PenyingPen-Ying, Pen Ying“Spur horse to win”
PiaoxuePiao-Xue, Piao Xue“Float like snow”
PiaoliangPiao-Liang, P’Liang“Beautiful”
PeichengPei-Cheng, Pei Cheng“Elegant City”
PeizhouPei-Zhou, Pei Zhou“Elegant State”
PeilingPei-Ling, Pei Ling“Elegant hill”
PiaolingPiao-Ling, Piao Ling“Floating bell”
PeilingPei-Ling, Pei Ling“Elegant Jade”
PiaoyiPiao-Yi, Piao Yi“Floating easy”
PiaoliPiao-Li, Piao Li“Floating strength”
PiaoyunPiao-Yun, Piao Yun“Floating Cloud”
PiaofaPiao-Fa, Piao Fa“Floating law”
PiaoyingPiao-Ying, Piao Ying“Floating hero”

Thank you for joining us on this lovely exploration of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with P. We hope these names have ignited your imagination and guided you one step closer to finding the perfect name for your little one. Why stop here? Find more inspiration and embark on your next naming journey with our expansive lists of baby names on our site. Happy Name Hunting!

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