50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with H: Give the Gift of a Special Name

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Hello soon-to-be Mamas! Searching for the perfect name for your little princess? Our list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with H unravels a world of unique, beautiful names carrying deep meanings and rich cultural heritage. Let’s embark on this naming journey together!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with H

Let’s take inspiration from famous people with Chinese baby girl names starting with H. For instance, Hu Jing – a renowned actress in Chinese cinema – whose name signifies ‘beautiful scenery.’ Or perhaps Huang Shengyi, known for her roles that blend strength and grace. These influential figures underline the beauty and significance of these names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HaileyHaily, HalleSea
HanFeeling, emotion
HongRed, great
HuiKind, benevolent
HaiSea, ocean
HeHarmony, peace
Hui-YingHui, YingBright, shining
HuifangHui, FangKind, aromatic
HuilingHui, LingKind, sound
HuizhenHui, ZhenWise, precious
HsinXinHeart, mind
HueiHuiIntelligence, wisdom
HsiuXiuBeautiful, elegant
HweeHuiWisdom, bright
Hui-LanHui, LanKind, orchid
Hui-FangHui, FangKind, fragrant
Hui-LingHui, LingKind, bell
Hui-YingHui, YingKind, hero
Hui-QinHui, QinKind, zither
Hui-LiHui, LiKind, beautiful
Hui-LianHui, LianKind, lotus
HuianHui, AnKind, peace
Hsiu-JuanXiu, JuanElegant, graceful
Hsin-YuanXin, YuanHeart, original
Huei-MinHui, MinWisdom, quick
Hsiao-ChenXiao, ChenMorning, dawn
Hsiao-CiXiao, CiDawn, compassion
Hsin-YiXin, YiHeart, righteous
Huei-JuanHui, JuanWisdom, graceful
Hsiao-HanXiao, HanDawn, Korean
Hsin-ChunXin, ChunHeart, pure
Huei-FangHui, FangWisdom, fragrant
Hsiao-YuXiao, YuDawn, jade
Hsin-YuXin, YuHeart, jade
Huei-YingHui, YingWisdom, bloom
Hsin-LiXin, LiHeart, beautiful
Hsiao-LingXiao, LingMorning, soul
Huei-MeiHui, MeiWisdom, beautiful
Hsin-YuehXin, YuehHeart, moon
Hsiao-ManXiao, ManDawn, elegant
Hsin-ChiehXin, JieHeart, pure
Huei-LienHui, LienWisdom, lotus
Hsin-MeiXin, MeiHeart, beautiful

Thanks for joining us on this beautiful journey of exploring 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with H. Choosing your baby’s name is a significant event and we’re thrilled to be part of your process. Discover more inspiring baby name ideas by exploring our other thoughtfully curated lists. Happy naming!

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