50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with G: Explore Unique & Rare Choices

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Hello Mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a unique, beautiful, and meaningful name for your little princess, you’ve landed in the right spot. Our list of ’50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with G’ is a treasure trove of names that blend culture, tradition, and modernity.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with G

From influential artists to pioneering scientists, Chinese women bearing names that start with ‘G’ have left a remarkable impact in various fields. Notably, Guo Pei, one of China’s premier fashion designers, is internationally celebrated for her innovative aesthetics. Guan Zhilin, a popular actress, leaves a mark on the entertainment world, while Ge You, an award-winning actress, exemplifies talent and versatility.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. GuiyingGueying, Gweying“Flowering Rose”
2. GuanGwan, Guann“Doorkeeper”
3. GuirenGu-rein, Guirehn“Esteemed Lady”
4. GuifeiGweifei, Gueifei“Precious Concubine”
5. GuoyingGwoying, Gouying“State flower”
6. GuilinGweilin, Gweilinn“Forest of Osmanthus”
7. GuilianGweilian, Gueilan“Osmanthus Lotus”
8. GuidanGweidan, Gueidan“Osmanthus Dan”
9. GuolingGuolingg, Guolling“Beautiful Mountain”
10. GuozhiGwozhi, Guozhei“State Governance”
11. GuangGwang, Guangg“Light”
12. GuofangGuofangg, Gwofang“National Defense”
13. GuixiangGuixang, Gweixiang“Osmanthus Fragrance”
14. GuilianGwilian, Guilian“Osmanthus Lotus”
15. GuizhiGuizhei, Gweizhi“Osmanthus Branch”
16. GuoweiGwowei, Guowei“State Power”
17. GuomeiGuomei, Gwomei“Beautiful Country”
18. GuodanGuodan, Gwodan“State Egg”
19. GuoqingGwoqing, Guoqing“National Celebration”
20. GuilianGwilian, Guilian“Osmanthus Lotus”
21. GuoxiuGuoxiuu, Guoxu“State Embroidery”
22. GuoyunGuoyunn, Gwoyun“State Cloud”
23. GuihuaGuihwa, Gweihua“Cassia Flower”
24. GexinGexinn, Gexyn“Revolutionary Heart”
25. GaoGao, Gao“Tall, High”
26. GenGenn, Gen“Root”
27. GeGe, Geh“Song, Sing”
28. GenmingGenmingg, Genmyng“Root Brightness”
29. GenshengGenshengg, Genshng“Root Life”
30. GenliGenli, Gally“Root Strength”
31. GenshuGenshuu, Genshoo“Root Book”
32. GengGeng, Gengg“Strong, Sturdy”
33. GenjieGenjie, Genjye“Root Excellence”
34. GenweiGenwei, Genwai“Root Power”
35. GenchunGenchun, Genchunn“Root Spring”
36. GengiGenji, Gengji“Root Opportunity”
37. GensongGensongg, Gensong“Root Pine”
38. GentaoGentaoo, Gentao“Root Peach”
39. GengzhuGengzhuu, Gengzoo“Root Bamboo”
40. GenminGenmin, Genmyn“Root People”
41. GenciGenci, Gency“Root Word”
42. GenyuanGenyuan, Genyuan“Root Garden”
43. GenxinGenxin, Genxyn“Root New”
44. GenjuanGenjuan, Genjuan“Root Beauty”
45. GenhuaGenhua, Genhwa“Root Flower”
46. GenluoGenluo, Genloo“Root Fall”
47. GenqiGenqi, Genkee“Root Rise”
48. GenlingGenling, Genlingg“Root Mountain”
49. GenfangGenfang, Genfangg“Root Fragrance”
50. GenxueGenxue, Genxuee“Root Snow”

To all the expectant mothers who have journeyed with us through our exploration of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with G, we thank you. Every name carries a unique story and meaning, ready to be part of your little girl’s journey. We hope these names sparked some inspiration for you. Do continue to explore more of our lists for that perfect name which resonates with your heart.

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