Unleash Creativity with 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H

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Hey mama-to-be, ever considered a unique Chinese name beginning with H for your little prince? Let’s dive into our curated list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H – each meaning and story as special as your upcoming bundle of joy!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H

Are you curious about notable figures bearing Chinese baby boy names starting with H? Hu Jintao, the former Chinese president, shares a special connection with these names. Hong Kong actor Huang Xiaoming also bears an ‘H’ name that means ‘bright.’ Choosing an ‘H’ name might just give your little one a dash of stardom!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
HaoHaojin, HaoyuTo shine brightly
HuoHuojin, HuolongFire
HuHuchun, HufengTiger
HanHanyu, HanfengBrave
HeHejing, HexuanLotus
HuangHuangjing, HuangyuYellow
HuiHuichen, HuilinKindness
HongHongyu, HongweiGreat
HuanHuanya, HuanqingHappiness
HengHengli, HengyuEternity
HaoHaojing, HaoweiBright
HuaiHuailiang, HuaizhiCherishing
HeiHeibai, HeilongBlack
HoHojun, HoteckGoodness
HaiHailong, HailiOcean
HsinHsinli, HsinweiHeart
HsiaoHsiaochuan, HsiaoliFilial Piety
HweiHweiliang, HweizhiWisdom
HweyHweyjun, HweyteckRespect
HoaHoachuan, HoaliHarmony
HsuanHsuanfeng, HsuanjunMystery
HuenHuenwei, HuenchuanWarmth
HienHienjun, HienliVirtuous
HsienHsienli, HsienweiImmortal
HungHungliang, HungzhiHeroism
HeungHeungwei, HeungliProsperity
HuanHuanli, HuanweiJoy
HyunHyunjun, HyunliVirtuous
HiaHialin, HiajingGracious
HsuHsuchun, HsufengLearning
HsiHsinli, HsiweiJoyful
HenHenli, HenyuanPatient
HuongHuongwei, HuongliFragrance
HsuehHsuehjing, HsuehlongSnow
HueHuelong, HuefengRadiance
HengHengli, HengchuanPerseverance
HsiaHsiachuan, HsiayuSummer
HwangHwangli, HwangchuanImperial
HuaHuajun, HuaweBlossom
HsuanHsuanli, HsuanweiProfound
HaoliangHao, HaoliNoble Brightness
HwaiHwaiyu, HwaichunWisdom
HoyinHo, HoyuSea of Brilliance
HsufengHsu, HsuchunScholarly Pheonix
HuliHu, HufengMighty Deer
HongyueHong, HongweiRed Moon
HuchenHu, HulianLake of Charm
HuianHui, HuilinClever, Peace
HedongHe, HebingHarmony East
HousuoHou, HouchenThick Forest

And there you have it, mom-to-be! Thanks for exploring our cherished list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with H. Remember, each name has a unique story, just waiting to become a part of yours! Feel inspired? Don’t miss out on our other baby name lists waiting to be explored on our site. Happy naming!

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