50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with F for Your Future Star

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Naming your precious baby girl is a significant and joyous task. We’ve put together a list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with F to inspire and guide you on this wonderful journey. Each name has its unique charm, adapting beautifully to the modern world while echoing deep-rooted cultural traditions.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Famous individuals can often bring baby names to life. For instance, ‘Fei Fei,’ a popular Chinese name meaning ‘fly high,’ is represented by the renowned model Liu Fei Fei. There’s also Fang Fang, a distinguished Chinese author known for her powerful storytelling.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FeiFey, FayTo Fly
FenFenn, FenhFragrance
FuFooWealth, Prosperity
FanFahn, FannOrdinary
FaiFay, FaayStarting, Beginning
FangFongSquare, Honest
FeifeiFeyfeyFlying High
FuhuaFu-HuaWealthy and Splendid
FuliFu-LiWealth and Power
FumanFu-ManFull of Blessings
FuyingFu-YingRosa Multiflora
FulanFu-LanBeautiful Orchid
FumeiFu-MeiBeautiful and Good
FutongFu-TongHibiscus Mutabilis
FutaiFu-TaiProsperous and Good
FuchouFu-ChouProsperous and Long-lived
FuguiFu-GuiWealthy and Honorable
FushunFu-ShunContinuity, to Follow
FufengFu-FengBeautiful Phoenix
FuliangFu-LiangBeautiful and Good
FuxiaFu-XiaRosy Clouds
FuyuanFu-YuanRich and Full
FuanFu-AnHappy and Safe
FuxingFu-XingLucky Star
FuleiFu-LeiLucky and Thunder
FulaiFu-LaiWealth is Coming
FumeiFu-MeiGood and Beautiful
FutingFu-TingBlessing and Pavilion
FulianFu-LianLucky and Beautiful
FuwenFu-WenLearned and Cultured
FushengFu-ShengAbundant Life
FuqinFu-QinHappy Zither
FunanFu-NanHappy South
FukunFu-KunLucky and Respectful
FumaoFu-MaoProsperous and Enlightened
FuhuaFu-HuaProsperous & Splendid
FuweiFu-WeiProsperous & Great

Thank you for exploring our carefully curated list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with F. We hope it has brought you one step closer to finding the perfect name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for your little one. Don’t forget, we have plenty more lists of unique baby name ideas on our site to inspire your journey. So keep exploring, and enjoy this exciting time!

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