50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with E to Make Your Little One Special

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Choosing your baby’s name is like unearthing a treasure chest of stories, blessings, and hope. It’s more than just a label – it’s a conversation starter, a first impression, a lifetime identity. So let’s dive into an intimate exploration of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with E that are as unique and beautiful as your little one.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with E

An inspiring figure with a Chinese baby girl name starting with E is E Jingwen. She’s a talented actress, best known for her role in the Chinese film “How Long Will I Love You”. Her name echoes beauty and youth, setting a brilliant example of the elegance these names can capture.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
EnlaiEn-LaiGraceful and prepared
EhuangE-HuangBeautiful Phoenix
ErhongEr-HongDouble rainbow
EnxiEn-XiJoyful hope
EmeiE-MeiCharming and beautiful
EyuE-YuCharming and graceful
EziE-ZiCute and lovable
EnyuanEn-YuanGraceful and profound
EnhuiEn-HuiGraceful wisdom
EchouE-ChouSeemingly long-lasting
EyanE-YanSwallow in the evening
ElingE-LingExquisite jade tinkle
EnguoEn-GuoCountry’s grace
EomeiEo-MeiExtraordinary beauty
EruE-RuLike a gem
EshunE-ShunKind and rapid
EsaE-SaBlessed silk
EmeiliE-MeiliCharming and beautiful
EyingE-YingCherry blossom
EyiE-YiBenefit and profit
EshuE-ShuKind and gentle
EhuE-HuElegant and beautiful
ErchanEr-ChanDouble beauty
EchanE-ChanKind beauty
EyanliE-YanliBeautiful swallow
EbeiE-BeiNorth of E
EyanhuiE-YanhuiBeautiful swallow of wisdom
EnlingEn-LingGraceful tinkle
EfeiE-FeiBeautiful as a concubine
EnyanEn-YanGraceful and elegant
ErweiEr-WeiDouble taste
EshuiE-ShuiKind water
ExiuE-XiuSnowy and elegant
EtingE-TingGraceful pavilion
EmeilianE-MeilianBeautiful lotus
EjuanE-JuanBeautiful volume
EyingE-YingBeautiful cherry blossom
EtingE-TingGraceful pavilion
ErniangEr-NiangSecond daughter
EmeidieE-MeidieBeautiful butterfly
EmeihuaE-MeihuaBeautiful plum blossom
EaiE-AiLove E
EyanE-YanBeautiful eyes
EyanziE-YanziBeautiful swallow
EjingE-JingBeautiful scene
EruanE-RuanSoft like a gem
ElichunE-LichunBeautiful spring

Thanks for taking this enchanting journey of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with E. Choosing your baby’s name is a significant and joyous task. We hope this list stirs your imagination and brings you closer to that perfect name. Discover more gems of inspiration in our other baby name idea lists on our site. After all, every name tells a story – your baby’s is waiting to be revealed!

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