50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with F, Perfect for Your Little Prince

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Selecting your future superstar’s name is no small task. Our carefully curated list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with F marries unique charm with a nod to rich heritage.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with F

Fei Junlong is a recognized name among the stars, literally! An astronaut, Fei brought pride to his F-starting name by marking his presence in space. Feng Shaofeng, a renowned actor, carries another F-initiated name with grace, showcasing his talent in numerous Chinese blockbuster films.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
FangFongSquare, Honest
FulinFoolinHappiness and Prosperity
FubaoFoobaoRich Treasure
FupingFoopingPeaceful Wealth
FutaiFootaiRich and Peaceful
FuyuFuyooRich and Abundant
FuchouFoochowWealthy and Long-lasting
FuhaiFoohaiSea of Wealth
FuliFooliWealthy and Beautiful
FuquanFooquanRich Spring
FuleFooLeHappy and Joyful
FupingFoopingSmooth Sailing
FuguiFugweeFortune and Honour
FuhuaFoohuaProsperous and Splendid
FudongFoodongFloating Wealth
FuxingFoosingProsperous Star
FutaoFootaoTall and Strong
FulunFoolunProsperous and Orderly
FuqiangFooqiangRich and Strong
FujiangFoojiangRich and Healthy
FugeFoogeRich and Noble
FuxiFooshiHappy West
FuchunFoochunRich Spring
FulianFoolianContinuously Growing
FuminFoominWealthy People
FujunFoojunRich and Respectable
FunanFoonanHappy South
FulaiFoolaiWealth Coming
FutongFootongCommunicate Freely
FukangFookangRich and Healthy
FutianFootianField of Blessings
FuhuiFoohuiRich and Kind
FulangFoolangWealthy and Bright
FuyangFooyangRich and Noble
FudeFodeMoral Virtue
FuweiFooweiRespectable and Great
FuyanFooyanEyes Looking Far
FumaoFoomaoWealthy and Elite
FuyuanFooyuanSource of Wealth
FubiFoobiRich and Precious
FuwenFoowenGentle and Cultured
FuhaiFoohaiVast Sea
FuxinFooshinHeart of Happiness

Thank you for exploring our unique list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with F. We hope it inspired you to pick an extraordinary name for your little one. Visit us again for more baby name ideas that celebrate cultures, values, and the beautiful diversity of life.

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