50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C That Echo Tradition & Elegance

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Choosing a baby name is one of the most marvelous tasks new parents face! Our list of “50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C” offers a mix of unique, meaningful and stylish name options to inspire you, celebrating your baby’s heritage and your hopes for her future!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C

Many notable figures bear beautiful Chinese names that start with C. For instance, Chloé Zhao, the Oscar-winning director, has a name originating from China. Similarly, Chen-Ning Yang, a Nobel laureate in Physics, carries a common Chinese surname starting with ‘C’, inspiring a generation of girls to aim high!

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
ChaoChao-yu, Chao-yiExceeding, surpass, surpassing
ChenChen-chen, ChennieThe morning, dawn, break of day
ChengCheng-cheng, ChéJourney, path, process, sequence
ChiaChiah, ChianGood, fine, beautiful
ChunChun-chun, ChuniSpring, pure, innocent
CaiCailin, CaileeColorful, multicolored
CongCong-cong, CongaIntelligent, bright
CuiCuifen, CuilianGreen jade, precious thing
ChuanChuanyue, ChuanyiRiver, stream
ChiChichi, ChiaThe younger one
ChangChangchang, ChangaFlourishing, prosper
CuiCuixia, CuimeiJade-like, precious thing
ChouChou-chou, ChouliSmiling, happy
ChiehChieh-chieh, ChienPure, clean
ChinChin-chin, ChiniGolden, precious
ChingChing-ching, QingClear, crystal
ChihChih-chih, ChihuWisdom, knowledge
ChuanliChuanli-li, LiPropriety, rite
ChunhuaChunhua-hua, HuaSpring flower
ChenzaiChen-zai, ZaiMorning existence
ChufanChu-fan, FanDeparting sail
ChuwenChu-wen, WenInitial culture
ChuyuanChu-yuan, YuanOriginal round
ChuhanChu-han, HanFirst Han
ChuqingChu-qing, QingInitial celebration
ChuyuChu-yu, YuFirst Jade
ChuyanChu-yan, YanInitial Swallow
ChuzhenChu-zhen, ZhenGenuine departure
ChuweiChu-wei, WeiPowerful Chor
ChuleiChu-lei, LeiDeparting thunder
ChuwenChu-wen, WenInitial pattern
ChuzeChu-ze, ZeFirst responsibility
ChumengChu-meng, MengInitial dream
ChunianChu-nian, NianInitial year
CuidanCuidan-dan, DanJade-like red
CuilanCuilan-lan, LanJade-like orchid
CuiminCuimin-min, MinJade-like quick
CuifenCuifen-fen, FenJade-like fragrance
CuighaoCuighao-hao, HaoJade-like grandeur
CuilinCuilin-lin, LinJade-like gem
CuizhenCuizhen-zhen, ZhenJade-like chaste
CuixiaCuixia-xia, XiaJade-like summer
CuixiCuixi-xi, XiJade-like joy
CuixinCuixin-xin, XinJade-like belief
CuimeiCuimei-mei, MeiJade-like beauty
CuinaCuina-na, NaJade-like grace
CuilanCuilan-lan, LanJade-like orchid
CuipingCuiping-ping, PingJade-like peacefulness
CuixiCuixi-xi, XiJade-like joy
CuishanCuishan-shan, ShanJade-like mountain

Thank you for exploring our unique selection of “50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with C.” We hope this list has sparked joy and excitement for the journey of naming your baby girl. For more baby name inspiration, make sure to explore our other insightful lists – because every baby name has a story waiting to unfold!

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