50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with B: Embark on a Naming Adventure

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Choosing a name for your baby is a thrilling journey, one filled with love and anticipation. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Chinese culture with our list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with B. Let’s explore these beautiful, meaningful names together!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with B

Celebrities like Bill Bixby and Bolo Yeung have carried Chinese baby boy names starting with B with grace and charm, effectively inspiring several parents. These names not only uphold cultural heritage but also exemplify a unique individuality that has left a significant impression on the world stage.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaiBai-li, Bai-lanPurity, white
BaoBao-yu, Bao-liTreasure, jewel
BenBen-liangBright, intelligent
BiBi-yuJade, gemstone
BingBing-chenIce, soldier
BoBo-qinWin, to seek
BuBu-ganNot dare, cautious
BaiyuBaiyu-liPrecious jade
BaojunBaojun-liPrecious ruler
BanBan-ruoHalf, semi
BihenBihen-liAvoid trouble
BojingBojing-liGentle, respectful
BaichenBaichen-liWhite morning
BinBin-maoClear, bright
BimingBiming-liBright, clear
BaiqiangBaiqiang-liStrong, powerful
BaiguangBaiguang-liWhite light
BaozhaiBaozhai-liPrecious fortress
BaoshiBaoshi-liPrecious stone
BoqinBoqin-liWin, to seek
BiyuBiyu-liPrecious jade
BaixueBaixue-liWhite snow
BixinBixin-liPure heart
BijunBijun-liBeautiful and handsome
BaileBaile-liWhite pleasure
BaozhenBaozhen-liPrecious needle
BaochengBaocheng-liPrecious sincerity
BichenBichen-liAvoid foolishness
BingxuBingxu-liIce and emptiness
BaozhiBaozhi-liPrecious knowledge
BoanBoan-liGentle and peaceful
BaiyangBaiyang-liWhite sun
BorenBoren-liGentle and tolerant
BoyuanBoyuan-liBroad and profound
BaifengBaifeng-liWhite phoenix
BiaoxiangBiaoxiang-liVivid and fragrant
BojingBojing-liGentle and quiet
BianBian-liFlat, level
BaozhuBaozhu-liPrecious pearl
BaoxiangBaoxiang-liPrecious fragrance
BingxiBingxi-liIce and joy
BaolinBaolin-liPrecious forest
BixueBixue-liJade snow
BaizhouBaizhou-liWhite longevity
BaoqingBaoqing-liPrecious clarity
BaiqiuBaiqiu-liWhite autumn
BingwenBingwen-liIce and culture
BaoliBaoli-liPrecious propriety

You’ve journeyed through our curated list of 50 Chinese baby boy names starting with B. We hope you found a name that resonates with your hopes and dreams for your little one. Thanks for joining us on this naming adventure! Feel inspired to explore more meaningful, unique baby name ideas on our site. Every baby deserves a name as unique as they are!

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