50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B: Add a Cultural Touch

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Choosing the perfect name for your little one is a thrilling journey, filled with love, excitement and anticipation. If you’re dreaming of a name that captures culture, tradition, and uniqueness, our list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B just might be the source of your inspiration.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B

Bingbing Fan, a renowned Chinese actress and philanthropist known for her roles in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and ‘Iron Man 3’, carries a Chinese baby girl name starting with B. Bai Ling, an acclaimed Hollywood actress and author, is another notable figure offering inspiring representation.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
BaiBi, BeiWhite, Pure
BaoBoa, PaouTreasure, Jewel
BingLing, BinBright, Clear
BeiPei, BayNorth
BaoYuBaoyue, BaoYuhPrecious Jade
BiyuBiyou, ByuJade
BoBau, PoPrecious
BinBinna, BinaSmart
BaiYuBaiyue, BaiYuhWhite Jade
BaoZhuBaozho, BaozhePrecious Pearl
BolinBohlin, PolinGentle Rain
BichunBeichun, PichunBeautiful Spring
BanPahn, BonHalf
BojingBojeng, PojingPrecious Mirror
BotaoBotaoh, PtaoWave
BaitongBaiton, BytongWhite Copper
BenPen, BennOriginal
BoqinPoqin, BochinPrecious Zither
BichengBecheng, PchengJade City
BaozhenPaouzhen, BazhnPrecious Needle
BihuaByhua, BeihuaDelicate Flower
BaolanBolan, BaolahnPrecious Orchid
BozhiBozhee, PozheePrecious Branch
BaoqingBaoqin, BoqingPrecious Blue Green
BiqinBeqin, ByqinJade Zither
BeiliByli, BeileeNorth Brook
BaoqinBaochin, BoqinPrecious Harp
BoqiBokee, PoqiPrecious Flag
BaoxiangBaoxieng, BoxiangPrecious Symbol
BijunBeijun, ByjunBeautiful Talented
BingqingBingquin, LingqingClear Blue Green
BixiaBexia, ByxiaRosy Clouds
BolanBolahn, PolanGentle Orchid
BoqianBoqien, PoqienPrecious Frontier
BaoliBaolee, BoliePrecious Beauty
BingyuBingyuh, LingyuClear Jade
BaochangBaochng, BochangPrecious Forever
BixueBexue, ByxueWhite Snow
BeiheiByhei, BeiheyNorthern Black
BaiheBaihey, ByheLily
BixiBexi, ByxiHappy West
BaohuaBaohwa, BoahwaPrecious And Magnificent
BaojingBaojng, BojingPrecious Crystal
BojiaBojah, PojiaPrecious Family
BixuanBexuan, ByxuanElegant, Refined
BihuBiho, ByhuEmerald Lake
BaiyunBaiyuhn, ByyunWhite Cloud
BoanBoahn, PoanGentle and Peaceful
BinbinBinbin, BingbingBright and Clear
BomeiBomei, PomeiPrecious Beauty

Choosing a baby’s name is one of the most precious moments in a parent’s journey. We hope our list of 50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with B has been helpful and inspirational. Thanks for accompanying us on this beautiful adventure! Dive into our wide array of baby name lists for more inspiration – each name is a new journey waiting to unfold.

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