50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A: Unique and Meaningful Picks

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Expecting a baby is undoubtedly one of life’s most joyous experiences! To add to this thrill, we have lovingly curated a list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and modern appeal.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A

From Hollywood to sports arenas, names starting with ‘A’ have left their mark. Adored actor Alan Wai-Lun Wong continues to win hearts in the US with his captivating performances. Albert Shyy, renowned venture capitalist, reflects the power and ambition that an ‘A’ name can embody. These influencers serve as fantastic namesakes for your baby boy.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AnAnlee, An-LeePeace
AiAilee, Ai-LeeLove, Affection
AnguoAnguo-LeeEstablish the State
AnpingAnping-LeePeaceful and Healthy
AoAo-LeeProud, Arrogant
AnshiAnshi-LeePeaceful World
AnleAnle-LeePeaceful Happiness
AnminAnmin-LeeTranquil People
AnqiangAnqiang-LeeStrong Peace
AnquanAnquan-LeeSafe and Secure
AnshunAnshun-LeePeaceful and Smooth
AnwenAnwen-LeeSteady and Peaceful
AnxinAnxin-LeeSafe and Secure Heart
AnxunAnxun-LeePeaceful Training
AnyiAnyi-LeePeaceful and Easy
AnyuanAnyuan-LeeSourced in Peace
AnyueAnyue-LeeMusic of Peace
AnzhenAnzhen-LeePeaceful and Calm
AnzhiAnzhi-LeeAnchored in Peace
AobaiAobai-LeeProud Purity
AobinAobin-LeeProud and Bright
AocaiAocai-LeeProud Talent
AodongAodong-LeeProud East
AofengAofeng-LeeProud Phoenix
AoguangAoguang-LeeProud Light
AohanAohan-LeeProud and Brave
AohengAoheng-LeeProud Perseverance
AohuaAohua-LeeProud and Splendid
AojiaAojia-LeeProud Family
AojinAojin-LeeProud Gold
AojunAojun-LeeProud and Handsome
AokaiAokai-LeeProud Victory
AolanAolan-LeeProud Orchid
AoliAoli-LeeProud Power
AolunAolun-LeeProud Wheel
AomingAoming-LeeProud Life
AopengAopeng-LeeProud Roc
AoranAoran-LeeProud and Burning
AoshiAoshi-LeeProud Stone
AoweiAowei-LeeProud Power
AoxiAoxi-LeeProud West
AoxinAoxin-LeeProud Heart
AoxueAoxue-LeeProud Snow
AoyangAoyang-LeeProud Sun
AoyiAoyi-LeeProud and Righteous
AoyongAoyong-LeeProud Courage
AozhenAozhen-LeeProud Needle

In this exciting journey of parenthood, picking the perfect name is a significant milestone. We hope our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with A has inspired and guided you. Continue exploring and get inspired by browsing more of our comprehensive baby name idea lists. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in this unforgettable journey of name selecting. Happy naming!

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