50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with A to Make Your Daughter Shine

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Choosing a baby name is no small feat. It’s like holding a golden compass, leading towards a future full of promise and personality. This list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with A is your treasure trove of stunning names, each imbued with a heartfelt story from the rich Chinese culture.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with A

Acclaimed figures such as Anqi Sheng, known as the Immortal Woman of Taoist mythology, and Ai Li, a celebrated artist and author, adorn our list. These trailblazers share more than just their birthplace; their names beginning with ‘A’ embolden their spirit, forever etched in the history they’ve shaped.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
AnqiAnki, AnchiePeace and Enlightenment
AnluAnloo, AnlouDew of the Morning
AnweiAnway, AnwaeSweetness and Power
AixiangAixang, AixangLoving and Fragrant
AijiaAijiah, AiJyahLoving Family
AnpingAnpeng, AnpyngPeaceful and Calm
AhlamAhlaam, AhlamAspirations and Dreams
AiyunAyun, AiunLoving Clouds
AnliAnlee, AnlyBeauty and Strength
AifenAiffen, AifennLove and Fragrance
AiguoAigoh, AyguoPatriotic
AilianAilan, AillanLove and Grace
AimeiAimay, AimeaLove and Beauty
AnlanAnlaan, AnlanhPeaceful Orchid
AhuiAhuey, AhweeKind and Bright
AnhuaAnhwa, AnhoahHidden Flower
AilinAillin, AylinLove and Jade
AiyaoAiyaoh, AyaoLoving and Dignified
AihuaAihoah, AihwaLove and Flower
AixiaAixyah, AiksiaLoving Summer
AnningAnnyng, AnninghPeaceful and Serene
AizhenAizhenn, AizhynLoving and Precious
AnjunAnjoon, AnjoonhPeaceful and Handsome
AnrouAnroh, AnroohPeaceful and Soft
AnshiAnshee, AnshyPeaceful and Worldly
AnyuAnyuh, AnuePeaceful Jade
AilingAelling, AylingLove and Bell
AnshuangAnshwaang, AnshuanghPeaceful and Cool
AitongAitohng, AytongLove and Copper
AilianAylian, AelyanLoving Lotus
AimeiAy-mei, A-meiLove and Plum
AipingAyping, AipinghLoving Peace
AizhiAyzhee, AizhyLoving and Wise
AijunAyjun, AijunhLove and Handsome
AilunAylun, AellunLove and Ethics
AnfengAnfengh, AnfenPeaceful and Phoenix
AnguoAngooh, AngwoPeaceful and State
AnyingAnyingh, AniingPeaceful and Eagle
AnzhenAnzhenh, AnzynPeaceful and Precious
AnxunAnxoon, AnxoonhPeaceful and Rapid
AfengAfengh, AfenLove and Phoenix
AhongAhohng, AhonghKind and Red
AnpingAnpyng, AnpinghPeaceful Screen
AnyiAnyee, AnyiePeaceful and Suitable
AiyingAyying, AiyinghLove and Hero
AizhouAyzhouh, AizhouLove and Continent
AixueAyxue, AixuehLove and Snow
AinaAyna, AinahLove and Grace

Thank you for joining us on this intricate journey through these 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with A. We hope you found a moniker as unique and beautiful as your little one will surely be. Don’t forget to check out our other curated lists for more baby name inspiration. Happy naming!

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