50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with C: A Unique Approach to Naming

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Hey mama-to-be! If you’re on the hunt for a unique and meaningful name for your little prince, you’ve landed on the right page! We’ve compiled 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names starting with C to add that special touch to your naming journey.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Your baby’s name could hold a story of its own. Just take a look at Chen Kun, a prolific Chinese actor, known for his roles in ‘The Knot’ and ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’. Then there’s Cui Jian, often hailed as the “Father of Chinese Rock” for his influential contributions to the music industry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. ChenChan, ChunGreat, Vast
2. ChengChing, ChongAccomplish, Succeed
3. ChangChong, ChungLong, Lengthy
4. CaiChai, KaiFortune, Wealth
5. ChaoChau, ChowSurpassing
6. ChuChiu, ChooPearl
7. ChuanChwan, QuanRiver, Flow
8. CongChong, TsongIntelligent, Clever
9. CuiTsui, QuiJade
10. ChaoxiangChaohsiang, ChowhsiangSurpassing in Fragrance
11. ChuangChwang, ChuongWindow, Bright
12. CunTsun, QunExistence
13. CuoTsuo, QuoWrong, Mistaken
14. ChenzhiChenjhi, ChenzheGreat Wisdom
15. CongmingCongmeng, CongmenIntelligent, Bright
16. ChonglinChonlin, ChunglinSecond Forest
17. CihangTsihang, QihangKindness Navigation
18. ChengleiChenglay, ChenglyWinning Thunder
19. ChengfengChengpheng, ChengpangAccomplish Wind
20. ChenghaoChenghau, ChenghowAccomplish Great
21. ChengziChengzy, ChengzeSon of Wisdom
22. ChengliangChengliang, ChengleangGood Brightness
23. ChengxiChengsi, ChengshiWest of Accomplishment
24. ChengboChengbe, ChengbaAccomplish Waves
25. ChengjunChengjoon, ChengjuneHandsome Accomplishment
26. ChengyuanChengyuen, ChengyunOriginal Accomplishment
27. ChengzhenChengjen, ChengzhenTrue Accomplishment
28. ChengkaiChengkei, ChengkayOpening Accomplishment
29. ChenyueChenywe, ChenyweMoon of Greatness
30. ChenguangChengwang, ChengwangLight of Greatness
31. ChenluChenloo, ChenlyDew of Greatness
32. ChenxiaoChenxao, ChenxiawMorning of Greatness
33. ChenjiChenjee, ChenjieGreat Opportunity
34. ChenqiChenki, ChenkeeGreat Flag
35. ChenweiChenway, ChenweyGreat Command
36. ChenyuanChenywen, ChenywenGreat Original
37. ChenmoChenmoe, ChenmoGreat Silence
38. ChenfuChenphoo, ChenfhuGreat Wealth
39. ChenkaiChenkye, ChenkayOpen Greatness
40. CaihongCaiheng, CaihungColorful Rainbow
41. CaiJianCaijan, CaijanSharp Wealth
42. CaiqiuCaique, CaichewAutumn of Wealth
43. CailiCaily, CalyPower of Wealth
44. CaijingCaijng, CaijngCrystal of Wealth
45. CaiyueCaiywe, CaiyweMoon of Wealth
46. CaiweiCaiway, CaiweyCommand of Wealth
47. CaizhiCaizhee, CaizheWisdom of Wealth
48. CaiyuanCaiywen, CaiywenOrigin of Wealth
49. CaimoCaimoe, CamoSilent Wealth
50. CailinCalin, CailnJade Forest

Thanks for diving into our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names starting with C, mama! We hope these names have inspired you and added a dash of excitement to your beautiful journey. Don’t forget to check out more baby name ideas on our site to continue your naming adventure!

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