50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D That Embody Strength

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Choosing your baby’s name is like unfolding a new chapter of your story, filled with anticipation, hope, and love. Dive into our curated list of ’50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D’, perfect for your little one set to make a big mark.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D

Here’s a peek into some remarkable individuals who proudly wear Chinese baby boy names starting with ‘D’. Take ‘Deng Xiaoping’, the transformational leader who steered China’s economic reform, or ‘Ding Junhui’, a world-renowned snooker player hailing from China. Their names hold a significant weight of accomplishment and influence.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaDahAchieve, arrive at
DabaoDa-Bao, DapaoBig treasure
DachenDa-Chen, DatchenGreat achievement
DadiDa-Di, DadeeGreat land
DaFengDa-Feng, DafungGreat wind
DaguanDa-Guan, DagwanBig view, broad view
DahaiDa-Hai, DahayBig ocean
DahuDa-Hu, DahooBig lake
DaJianDa-Jian, DajeanBig and healthy
DalaiDa-Lai, DalayOcean
DaliDa-Li, DalleeHuge force
DameiDa-Mei, DameyBig beauty
DamoDa-Mo, DamohBig ink
DanyangDan-Yang, DanyangLight of the sun
DaomingDao-Ming, DaomingEnlightened path
DaqianDa-Qian, DakianHuge money, very wealthy
DaquanDa-Quan, DaquannHuge spring (water)
DareDahreObtain, get
DariDahriGreat man
DasanDa-San, DasannGreat mountain
DashanDa-Shan, DashannBig mountain
DechenDe-Chen, DechennGreat joy
DeguoDe-Guo, DeguohMoral nation
DehuaiDe-Huai, DehuayMoral love
DejianDe-Jian, DejianMoral health
DekaiDe-Kai, DekayVirtuous triumph
DeliDe-Li, DelieMorality benefits
DelunDe-Lun, DelunnMoral wheel
DemingDe-Ming, DemingShine with morality
DengDuhngAscend, climb up
DenianDe-Nian, DenianEnduring peace
DePingDe-Ping, DepingPeaceful virtue
DeqiangDe-Qiang, DeqiangVirtuous strength
DeshengDe-Sheng, DeshengVirtuous victory
DeshouDe-Shou, DeshouVirtuous longevity
DeweiDe-Wei, DeweyVirtuous greatness
DexinDe-Xin, DexinVirtuous heart
DexingDe-Xing, DexingAct with morality
DezhiDe-Zhi, DezhiVirtuous will, aspiration
DiandianDian-Dian, DiandianSparkle
DianguangDian-Guang, DianguangLight of lightning
DianjunDian-Jun, DianjunLightning army
DianliDian-Li, DianliPower of lightning
DianmingDian-Ming, DianmingBright as lightning
DianweiDian-Wei, DianweiGreat as lightning

As we wrap up, we hope our list of ’50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with D’ has sparked inspiration and excitement for the journey of naming your baby boy. Thanks for exploring with us, and remember, each name carries a story waiting to be written. Don’t forget to check out more of our baby name idea lists for even more inspiration on our site!

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