50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D That Evoke Beauty and Strength

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The thrill of expecting is unmatched, isn’t it, mama-to-be? Among all the sweet challenges, picking a unique baby name that resonates with your heart is an exciting journey. Our list of ’50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D’ is here to inspire and make your choice memorable!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D

Dandan, a popular Chinese actress, and Dongyu Zhou, a highly praised actress who won the Golden Horse Awards, are a couple of notable figures with beautiful Chinese names starting with D. Their success stories add an extra layer of allure to these charming names.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
DaiyuDae-yu, Dai YuBlack jade
DanDann, DahnRed
DanfengDan-Feng, Dan FengRed phoenix
DanhuaDan-Hua, Dan HuaRed flower
DanniDannyRed brightness
DanyiDan-Yi, Dan YiRed ceremony
DayaDa-Ya, Da YaGreat elegance
DazhiDa-Zhi, Da ZhiGreat wisdom
DeqinDe-Qin, De QinVirtuous zither
DeweiDe-Wei, De WeiGreat nobility
DezhuDe-Zhu, De ZhuVirtuous bamboo
DianDianne, DiyanLightning, spark
DianliDian-Li, Dian LiElectric power
DianxiaDian-Xia, Dian XiaUnder the sky
DiaochanDiao-Chan, Diao ChanSable cicada
DihuaDi-Hua, Di HuaEmperor’s flower
DihuiDi-Hui, Di HuiBright wisdom
DilrabaDil-Re-Ba, Dil Re BaHeart’s beauty
DingxiangDing-Xiang, Ding XiangStability and fortune
DongDon, DohngEast
DongmeiDong-Mei, Dong MeiWinter plum
DongyueDong-Yue, Dong YueEastern moon
DuDewCapital city
DuanmuDuan-Mu, Duan MuBroken wood
DuiDewPile, heap
DuruoDu-Ruo, Du RuoIndependent and gentle
DuyiDu-Yi, Du YiIndependent and fit
DuzaoDu-Zao, Du ZaoIndependent and early
DabiDa-Bi, Da BiGreat Jade
DedanDe-Dan, De DanVirtuous Red
DejieDe-Jie, De JieVirtuous elder sister
DemaoDe-Mao, De MaoVirtuous cat
DihongDi-Hong, Di HongEmperor’s rainbow
DingxinDing-Xin, Ding XinStable heart
DongfangDong-Fang, Dong FangEastern direction
DongzhuDong-Zhu, Dong ZhuEastern bamboo
DujuanDu-Juan, Du JuanAzalea
DuolinDuo-Lin, Duo LinSolo melody
DuoqingDuo-Qing, Duo QingSolo celebration
DushaDu-Sha, Du ShaIndependent sand
DuxinDu-Xin, Du XinIndependent heart
DuyunDu-Yun, Du YunIndependent cloud
DaiDayTo shine
DaweiDa-Wei, Da WeiBig wave
DanliDan-Li, Dan LiRed pear
DayinDa-Yin, Da YinGreat silver
DepeiDe-Pei, De PeiVirtuous peace

Well, that’s a wrap on our highlight reel of ’50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with D’. We hope this carefully curated list has stirred your imagination and helped in your exciting baby naming adventure. Remember, there are plenty more name idea lists available on our site to fuel your inspiration. Thank you for joining us on this joyful journey!

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