50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with L: Explore the Delight of Naming

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Planning for your little boy’s arrival is a sweet journey, especially when it comes to picking his name. If you’re considering a Chinese name starting with ‘L’, here’s a helpful list of 50 options that blend tradition and uniqueness, adding that extra layer of charm to your baby boy’s identity.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with L

Great names have a history of being worn by great people. One such example is Li Ka-Shing, a globally recognized entrepreneur and philanthropist. Leehom Wang, an award-winning singer who’s made significant contributions to Chinese pop music, is another inspiration. These influential figures demonstrate the strength and individuality these names can carry.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiangLeung, LươngBrightness
LeiLe, LeyThunder
LiLeeForce, Logic
LinLynn, LinnForest
LunLunnWheel, Cycle
LuoLwo, LouCamel
LeLee, LeiJoy, Happiness
LanLahn, LannOrchid
LaoLauAncient, Old
LaLahPull, Draw
LaiLayComing, Future
LixinLihsinHonest Heart
LihuaLeehwaPear Blossom
LiqinLee-chinBeautiful Zither
LuzonLusongMountain Range
LijunLijoonBeautiful, Handsome
LiguoLeegwoEstablishing a Country
LihongLeehongBeautiful Rainbow
LeigongLeegongThunder God
LiyanLeeyanBeautiful, Elegant
LihangLeehangBeautiful Flight
LumingLumengRoad Brightness
LequanLeekwanThunder Power
LiqiangLeekyangBeautiful Strength
LuchunLoochunSpring Deer
LebaoLeebaoThunder Treasure
LijieLejayBeautiful Boundary
LianzhenLeanzhenTrue Lotus
LiguangLeegwongBeautiful Light
LeishenLayshenThunder God
LuyaoLuyowJade-Like Sway
LuhaoLuhowExcellent Deer
LiehuoLeewoRaging Fire
LujiaLujhiaExcellent Family
LiangyiLiangyeeBrightness and Justice
LianqingLeanchingClear Lotus
LeimingLaymingThunder’s Echo
LuzhenLujhenGenuine Jade
LushunLooshunSpeedy Deer
LeiyunLayyoonThunder’s Resonance
LirenjunLeerenjoonGentleman’s Handsomeness
LiuzhiLeuzheeFlowing Wisdom
LianjieLeeanjayLotus Boundaries
LishanLeeshanBeautiful Mountain

As we conclude this naming journey, we hope our list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with L has kindled some inspiration for your baby boy’s name. There’s a special bond that comes with choosing a name that has shared cultural roots and familiar sounds. We thank you for exploring with us, and invite you to delve into more of our inspired baby name lists on our site for further ideas. Choosing your baby’s name is a momentous decision, and we’re honored to be a part of it.

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