50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with L to Capture Her Spirit

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of choosing the perfect name for your baby girl. Our hand-picked list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with L will guide you on this naming adventure, infusing your journey with a dash of tradition, meaning, and elegance.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with L

In the realm of the arts and sciences, numerous influential figures carry Chinese baby girl names starting with L. Acclaimed actress Li Bingbing, renowned author Lu Min, and celebrated cell biologist Luo Huan, have each blazed their own path, their names echoing their remarkable achievements.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
LiLee, LeaBeautiful
LingLyn, LinDelicate petal
LianLi-An, LianeLotus
LanLaan, LannOrchid
LuLoo, LouMusical, affectionate
Li HuaLee Hua, Lei HuaBeautiful flower
LanyingLan Ying, Lan-YingBlue sapphire
Li WeiLee Wei, Lei WeiPrecious rose
Li NaLee Na, Lei NaGraceful
Li MeiLee May, Lei MeiBeautiful plum
Li QinLee Chin, Lei ChinSweetheart
Li XiuLee Xiu, Lei XiuBeautiful grace
Li XiaoLee Xiao, Lei XiaoMorning sunrise
Li YingLee Ying, Lei YingBeautiful blossom
Li YuanLee Yuan, Lei YuanGraceful swan
Li ZhuLee Zhu, Lei ZhuPrecious pearl
LuoLoh, LouFawn
LeiLay, LaiFlower bud
Li HuiLee Hui, Lei HuiKind-hearted
Li JunLee Jun, Lei JunTruthful and fair
Li MinLee Min, Lei MinQuick-witted
Li TangLee Tang, Lei TangClear water
Li RongLee Rong, Lei RongLucky
Li ShuLee Shu, Lei ShuBeautiful book
Li ZhenLee Zhen, Lei ZhenGenuine, precious
LilingLee-Ling, Lei LingSound of jade
LimingLee-Ming, Lei MingDawn
Li JingLee Jing, Lei JingQuiet and refined
Li QiaoLee Qiao, Lei QiaoSkilful, crafty
Li RuiLee Rui, Lei RuiIntelligent and sharp
Li ShanLee Shan, Lei ShanBeautiful mountain
Li XiangLee Xiang, Lei XiangGood-luck
Li XueLee Xue, Lei XueSnow
Li YiLee Yi, Lei YiRighteous
Li YueLee Yue, Lei YueMoon
Li ZheLee Zhe, Lei ZhePhilosopher
Li ZiLee Zi, Lei ZiSeed
Li ZongLee Zong, Lei ZongRespectful
LiangLi-Yang, Li-AngBright, clear
LiuLew, LouWillow
LuLoo, LuhDew
LuanLu-Ann, Lu-AnUpright, honorable
LuoLow, LohSnail
LuxiLu-Xi, Loo-XiPromising dawn
LuziaLu-Zia, Loo-ZiaBright and graceful
Li FangLee Fang, Lei FangFragrant
Li HuanLee Huan, Lei HuanHappiness
Li XenaLee Xena, Lei XenaBright as the sun
Li ZaraLee Zara, Lei ZaraBlossoming flower

Thank you for exploring our specially curated list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with L. Naming your baby is a significant and exciting task, one that we’re thrilled to be a part of. For more inspiration and baby name ideas, we invite you to explore our other curated lists. Let’s continue this beautiful naming journey together!

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