50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K: Set Your Baby Boy Apart

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Hey there, future mama! If you’re on the enchanting quest of finding a unique name starting with ‘K’ for your baby boy, you’re in the right spot. Our collection of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K is brimming with names that are as unique as your little bundle of joy.

Notable People With Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K

Now let’s browse through a few shining stars with Chinese baby boy names starting with K. Kai-Fu Lee, a leading AI expert, and Kevin Xu, a stalwart in the realm of biotech, are just a few notable figures who’ve made their marks on the world. Get inspired by their stories as you pick a meaningful name for your son.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KangKangli, KangyaoHealth, Well-being
KuanKuang, KuanshengBroad, extensive
KuiKuibao, KuilingSuperior, Outstanding
KongKongcheng, KongjianSky, Empty
KaiKaiwen, KaizhiTriumph, Victory
KeKejie, KechengRespectful, Polite
KuoKuoshu, KuomingExpand, Broaden
KenKenli, KenshengHealth, Build
KaoKaoguo, KaofuExamine, Test
KunKundong, KunyuanUniverse, Earth
KangyaoKang, YaoHealth, Flourish
KangliKang, LiHealth, Strength
KuangKuanyu, KuanshengPassion, Enthusiasm
KuibaoKui, BaoSuperior treasure
KuilingKui, LingSuperior spirit
KongchengKong, ChengEmpty city
KongjianKong, JianEmpty space
KaiwenKai, WenVictorious and cultured
KaizhiKai, ZhiVictorious will
KejieKe, JieRespectful and outstanding
KechengKe, ChengRespectful and accomplished
KuoshuKuo, ShuBroad learning
KuomingKuo, MingBroad understanding
KenliKen, LiBuild strength
KenshengKen, ShengBuild life
KaoguoKao, GuoTest the nation
KaofuKao, FuTest fortune
KundongKun, DongUniverse, Eastern
KunyuanKun, YuanUniverse, Original
KuanyuKuan, YuBroad universe
KaishanKai, ShanOpen mountain
KaiyuanKai, YuanOpen original
KejiKe, JiRespectful and lucky
KenanKen, AnHealth and peace
KaizhenKai, ZhenVictory and precious
KaidongKai, DongVictory in the east
KuanxiKuan, XiBroad and happy
KanKanpu, KanxiSweet, Comfortable
KanpuKan, PuComfortable and universal
KanxiKan, XiComfortable and happy
KongliKong, LiEmpty, leaving behind
KaiyuKai, YuTriumph over the universe
KuangmingKuang, MingBright light
KenmingKen, MingBuild brightness
KeganKe, GanRespectful and sweet
KedingKe, DingRespectful and stable
KamengKa, MengTriumph in dreams
KaixiKai, XiTriumph and joy
KuanyiKuan, YiBroad and righteous

Thanks for journeying with us through our curated list of 50 Chinese Baby Boy Names Starting with K. We hope you found the perfect name for your little one, or at least, some meaningful inspiration. Remember, there’s no rush in choosing the perfect name. So feel free to explore our other baby name lists for more inspiration. Happy naming!

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