50 Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with K: Rich in Meaning & Culture

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Hey there, future mom! Looking for a distinctive and culture-rich name for your baby girl? Dive into our carefully curated list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with K, sure to make your little one stand out!

Notable People With Chinese Baby Girl Names Starting with K

Interestingly, there are several influential figures who carry these beautiful names. For instance, Kaiya Zhu, an innovative architect, is recognized for her sustainable designs. Similarly, Keiko Lin is a renowned writer who constantly breaks barriers with her powerful prose. These women are a testament to the strength and grace your daughter may embody.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
KailiKaylee, KaleighBeautiful, victorious
KaiyaKaia, KayaForgiveness
KangniKangniaPeaceful girl
KangyuKangyue, KangyuenJade, universe
KantiKantie, KanteeShining, bright
KaoliKao-Li, KolieLovely
KareyKari, KaeryPure
KaseyKasi, KasiyaWatchful, alert
KeaiKea, KeaiaLovable, dear
KeijiKeijia, KeijieRespectful second child
KeikiKeikie, KeikyBlossom
KelanKela, KelanaWater lily
KemeiKemeia, KemeiyComely, lovely
KerenKerena, KerynPowerful, capable
KesiaKesiah, KesiyaCassia tree
KetanKeta, KetanaFirm, unyielding
KexinKexina, KexiniKind-hearted
KeyiKeyia, KeyieGraceful, elegant
KikiKikie, KikyDouble joy
KinKina, KynGolden
KuanKuana, KuanyaGenerous, kind-hearted
KueiKueia, KueiePrecious, valuable
KumikoKumikoa, KumikoanLong-time beautiful child
KuanyinKuanyina, KuanyiniGoddess of mercy
KunKuna, KunaiUniverse, world
KwanKwana, KwaniStrong
KyokoKyokoa, KyokoanMirror, respectful child
KaiKaiya, KaiaTriumph
KamKama, KamiSweet, delightful
KaonKaona, KaoniBright, light
KayKaya, KayiPure
KesiKesia, KesieThe conqueror
KikiKikia, KikioJoy
KioniKionia, KionieView, sight
KishiKishie, KishyJoyful
KiraKiraia, KiraiGlittering
KuiKuia, KuioSunflower
KumoKumoa, KumoanCloud
KynaKynah, KynaiMother
KyrieKyri, KyriaLord
KuaiKuaia, KuaieQuick, fast
KimKima, KimiBold family
KolKola, KoliBright, shining
Kuan-YinKuan-Yina, Kuan-YiniThe one who perceives the sounds of the world
Kui-LingKui-Linga, Kui-LingiCrying osprey
Kai-LanKai-Lana, Kai-LaneOrchid
Ke-XinKe-Xina, Ke-XiniAble to endure
Ke-YingKe-Yinga, Ke-YingiRespectful and talented
Kan-LiKan-Lia, Kan-LieSweet and beautiful

Thanks for journeying with us through this unique list of 50 Chinese baby girl names starting with ‘K’. We hope it’s sparked some inspiration, and remember, the perfect name isn’t far away! For more captivating baby name ideas, don’t forget to explore our other lists on the site. Happy naming!

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