50 Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with R: Timeless Names for Your Baby

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Choosing your baby’s name is a journey of love and discovery. Let us be your guide in this adventure with 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with R, each unique and beautiful – just like your soon-to-be-born princess!

Notable People With Celtic Baby Girl Names Starting with R

Do you know Rhiannon Giddens, the Grammy-award-winning musician, or the talented actress Rhona Mitra? These influential women champion Celtic names beginning with R, carrying their heritage with grace and pride.

NameCommon VariationsMeaning
1. RaonaidRhona, RhonaidGraceful lamb
2. ReaganRaegan, RaganLittle ruler
3. RionachRionna, RionaQueenly
4. RóisínRoisin, RosheenLittle rose
5. RowenaRowenna, RowinaWhite spear or famous friend
6. RhosynRosin, RosynRose
7. RianeRianne, RyanneGrand
8. RonatRhonat, RonetteSeal
9. RadmilaRadmila, RadmillaIndustrious, eager
10. RyleeRyleigh, RylieValiant
11. RíoghnachRioghnach, RighnachQueenly, royal
12. RuaidríRuairi, RoryRed king
13. RóiseRoise, RoseRose
14. RosalindRosaline, RosalindaFair rose
15. ReiltínReiltin, RealtinLittle star
16. RonaldaRhonalda, RinaldaPowerful, rules with counsel
17. RosamundRosamond, RosamundaHorse protector
18. RenataReneta, RenattaReborn
19. RíonRion, RyionQueen
20. RaichelRachel, RachaelInnocence of a Lamb
21. RylindRylinda, RylendaWise ruler
22. RilynnRilyn, RilinCourageous
23. RavennaRavina, RavenaRaven
24. RyderRhyder, RidderKnight
25. ReginaRegena, RégineQueen
26. RachelleRachael, RachelInnocence of a Lamb
27. RenesmeeRena, RenReborn, loved
28. RileyRylie, RyleeValiant
29. RiaRiya, RheaRiver
30. RaquelRachel, RachaelInnocence of a Lamb
31. RaniRanie, RaneQueen
32. RaeaRaya, RaeahFlowing
33. RainaRayna, ReinaQueen
34. RalinaRalena, RalineEwe
35. RendyRendi, RandySmall but powerful
36. RilleRilley, RillieStream
37. RalynRalynn, RalinEwe
38. RionnaRionnah, RionneQueenly
39. RitaRitta, RetaPearl
40. RobertaRobbie, BobbieBright fame
41. RaissaRaisa, RaisahEasy-going
42. RayenaRayenna, RainaRadiant
43. RhiannRhianna, RianneMaiden
44. RavyneRavyn, RavenRaven
45. RomaineRomayne, RomainCitizen of Rome
46. RenieRene, RennieReborn
47. RomildaRomillda, RommildaGlorious battle maiden
48. RendellRendale, RendalFrom the raven’s valley
49. RishonaRishonna, RishoneFirst
50. RaelinRaelynn, RaylinUnique, rare

Thank you for considering our collection of 50 Celtic baby girl names starting with R. We hope it sparks your imagination and guides you to the perfect name. Remember, there are more incredible name ideas waiting for you on our site. Happy naming!

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